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Using Video Game Programming Knowledge for Board games

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I just want to talk about one of my experience here. I have done some video game programming on PC with the allegro library.

One day, I wanted to make a collectible card game prototype to play with my friend. The problem is that I had to build over 150 different cards and print them after ward. I did not want to use a painting software and draw the rules on each card. Here is what I have done.

First, I made a database containing all the stats, names and rules information of the cards.

Second, I designed all the icons and texture needed to build a card and save them in separate files..

Third, I wrote a small C program that load the database and the texture. The programs generate the cards according to the information in the database and save them on disk. At the begining, I draw them on screen to see if they where OK, then I enabled the file saving.

This allowed me to produce 150 cards, in batch, by running the program. It also allowed to make modification on all cards easily. For example, if I want to change the texture of a card type, I change the texture and regenerate the card. All the card of this type will be updated.

I am not sure if there is some professional software that can do almost the same job, but if you don't have any and know a bit about C programming, you can easily get the free Allegro Video game Library, learn the most common drawing routines and generate your own material.

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Using Video Game Programming Knowledge for Board games

I did something similar for Mac OS X: Built a program that reads a list of cards from a database, and uses a template to lay out each card graphically with text and images. The output is a PDF file that can be printed onto Protoparts pre-perforated playing card stock. It's not a polished program at all, but it helped me create my first game "Thrust and Parry", a card game with a deck of 79 custom cards.

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