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Vinyl game boards

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Has anyone ever researched the pricing for printing vinyl game boards, like those tournament chess boards that roll up into a tube? My games thus far are silkscreened onto felt, but can you silkscreen onto vinyl as well? If you could, it could mean more detailed printing can be done.

vinyl game board

I'm looking to make a game on vinyl as well. Does anyone know how to do this? The dimensions are 17''x 17'' with 6 colors.

Vinyl game boards

Aquila, Slam, almost anything can be printed on almost anything. It's not a question of whether it's possible, just of how much you're willing to pay. Avoid Kinko's, which is evil, but phone up any good indy printers where you live and ask for a ballpark estimate, which most should be able to work up in a couple of minutes and provide you for free.

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Vinyl game boards

I had some custom t-shirts silk-screen printed for my website. The company I had do them is a one-man operation in Toronto. He's a very nice person, who was quite accommodating, so you might have better luck with him than a larger t-shirt printing company.

The quality and pricing is very good. His website is

If you're interested, you can see my t-shirts here: Feel free to look around the site; since it's school oriented, it's practically dead in the summer, so it would be nice to see some visitors :)


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