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Advice on the best UK Agents (or possibly elsewhere)

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We have a game that we believe has mass market appeal and so want to identify some good agents that we could use to target the main publishers. We are UK based but would be happy to consider overseas agents if they have a history of taking prototypes without meeting people face-to-face.

Any and all recommendations welcome.


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Advice on the best UK Agents (or possibly elsewhere)


Thanks for the threads. I do have a focus on direct submissions, but am more interested in getting some recommendations from people that have used agents to target the mass market publishers such as the subsidiaries of Hasbro / Mattel, etc.

There is a lst of UK based agents in the Game Inventors Handbook such as Mark Cochrane / Jacqui Lyons / David Kremer / Iain Kidney.

I believe that Jacqui Lyons for example would not look at mass market board games for example - but do not know whether any of the others have inroads into the major players.

Any suggestions?

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