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The (C) mark

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When you have a game with many type of components. Is there some rule or general guide lines to folow to know where you should place the copyright mark (excluding the instruction book ).

For example, Magic has a copyright mark at the bottom of each card but most NCCG does not have any.

Is it OK if the copyright only appear in the instruction book.

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The (C) mark

The copyright symbol has no legal bearing, although it is a nice way of reminding the viewer that the material is copyrighted, and by whom. If you wish you could put the copyright symbol (and your name, and the year and place of copyrighting) on each component, but it is not strictly necessary. If for some reason you can't, or don't want to, copyright each individual component, a line in the rulebook stating something such as "This game, its rules and all included artwork copyright 2005 Larienna, Canada".

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