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Card Game Publication -- Insights Sought

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I have several card games prototyped which I'll be taking with me to showcase at GenCon 2005 to some prospective publishers with whom I have some appointments set up. However, if these meetings fall through and my concepts are not picked up, I'm considering self-publishing at least 1, and possibly 2 of the titles, using a variant of GMT's P500 format.

So, I'm looking to start educating myself about publishing costs, expectations, and what I information I need to provide to publishers to get reliable, accurate quotes.

For example, I know how many cards I'll have (both games I'm looking to self publish are 110 cards, but could be nudges +/- a few cards to meet publisher efficiency parameters based on their printing setup), length of a rule sheet, etc.

But would the same publisher that's printing the cards also print the box and assemble the game? Will having multiple card backs (color/design) impact pricing, or with today's color printing technology, is that no longer as significant a factor? Will printers generally take the time to help create a "buffet" style quote, so I can pick and choose options (card finish, tuck box vs. standard box, different print quantities).

Any help this community could provide, in terms of contacts with any publishers you've dealt with, established a favorable rapport with, or just some of your experiences working with card publication, will be greatly appreciated.


- ynnen

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Card Game Publication -- Insights Sought

Hi ynnen, and let me be the first to welcome you to the community!

If I’m not mistaken, the standard size for a deck of cards is 55. (So two of those would give you the 110 card deck you need.)

As for the rest of your questions, there is indeed a wealth of information and insights about those topics here in the BGDF Discussion Forums. But since most of us would have to use the Search utility to find it for you anyway, it might be just as well if you did it for yourself. You know exactly what you’re looking for better than any of us do, and the site’s Search button actually works quite well IMHO.

I recommend using the Search button beside the magnifying glass icon immediately above the title of this post instead of the Search field at the very top of the page. (I was able to find a LOT by using “cost of publication” as keywords and specifying the Game Publication Forum as the focus of the search.)

Anyway, it’s always great when another aspiring game designer joins us.

Good hunting!

Card Game Publication -- Insights Sought

Hmmm... Maybe I've been using the feature incorrectly... Whenever I entered "printing costs" no results are returned, regardless of the search fields selected... And for "cards" only a handful of results came back, even though I can see dozens of threads with the word in the title.

Am I missing something? I posted this request for assistance after trying the search feature, since I couldn't find what I was looking for through that feature... Hmmm...

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Card Game Publication -- Insights Sought

Don't use the search field at the top of the page.... Hit the Search button a bit below that just to the right of "Forum FAQ".


Card Game Publication -- Insights Sought

a-HAH!!!! Much, much better... Thanks, I should have paid closer attention... :oops:

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