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Channels of distribution

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In a few weeks I will become a professional gamer. :-) I have a game design at the printers right now, along with a big wad of my money. My first card game should be printed and ready in about a month.

Okay, now what? :-)

I am looking for distributors and retailers to take a look at it. But how do I get my foot in that door? Does anyone know about distributors/retailers that talk to indie card gaming companies?

Thanks for any advice.
-- Scott S.

Channels of distribution


Somebody made a post on another part of the forum about an event called TGIF. Morbid curiosity led me onto their site, and it looks like they are going to have a lot of big companies like Hasbro and Toys R

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Channels of distribution

I highly recommend joining GAMA, the Game Manufacturer

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