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Chinese board game market

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Hi All,
My first question(s) on BGDF so be gentle with me! I am interested in finding out about the board game market in China. For instance are family board games like monoply/risk popular there ? Also are there any recommended agents who handle such games for the internal market? Many thanks in Advance ; super-ape .

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Chinese board game market

Hi there

That's an interesting question that I'm afraid I can't answer but... way of some form of help. I saw something recently in the business news about Disney entering the market in China with their movies and merchandising machine.

They appeal to the Chinese consumer and (more?) importantly the governing officials because they are good 'clean' family fun.

So if you're thinking of selling a board game into that market then the content/subject matter may have more of an influence than usual on your chances of success because of the culture you're moving into.

As far as the size of the market is concerned - you'll need to do the research (there might be something on the web somewhere), even if the percentage of board game players appears small, relatively speaking it may be a lot of consumers simply because of the size of the population.

Just a few thoughts


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