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Further consideration! Ok what does that mean?

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hey guys long time no post :oops: doubt anyone remembers me

anyway one company that requested three of my prototypes after reading the rules. After playing the prototypes they sent back two of the games as they believed they were to "thoughtful" for the American game player, and I don’t really disagree they are hard edged abstract brain burners. Anyway they are keeping one game for "further consideration". I imagine this means that they like the game and want to publish it but now are seeing just how it fits in with there general strategy, what kind of price point they can manufacture it at and if it's still viable for the target market. I have also read about option agreements and am wondering about how long does a company have to decide before they need one of these. Not that I would ask for one as I’m new to the whole licensing games type thing. any help and advice is welcom.

Note I have read the game inventors guide book and am working on the toy and game inventors hand book.

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Further consideration! Ok what does that mean?

Congrats Super! sounds like an awesome accomplishment. You've had your head down and your but in the air - hard at work I see; A good reason to be absent.

Someone just posted a message in the forum about info you're requesting - just in the last few days. I'll see if I can find it.

-edit- Could this be helpful?

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