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Ghost writing

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I cant finding anything on Ghost writing.
You develop a game but another well known designers tries to sell it and you sort of share the revenue from it!

I got the name Ghostwriting from Johan, and i have accually been thinking of that as a possible way of publishing my game as a last resort.

I dont know anything about it but as soon i got into designing games, and that was just a couple of month ago, it struck me as a way of getting published.

Is it a common way to get published? Has anyone any experience from it?

Maybe you could just call Knizia and ask him if he would like to earn some easy bucks ;D

I guess this is something that one doesnt talk loud about, but hey i wouldnt be surprised if it exists.


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Ghost writing

I know that ghost writing exist in RPG:s (some large companies uses this and I have friends that had proposals to start writing). This is important when you have one or two front figures that sell.
When it comes to board games I have seen a lot of "no name" games (especially children games but also family games) with no name on the cover or on the rules. This is the opposite situation from the RPG:s.

// Johan

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