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How to fill a game nitche in a company's lineup?

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I've seen this on here and BGG a little bit and it's always something about how prototype X wouldn't do well with Company Y because they already have Current Game Z.

Confused? Me too... =)

So I guess what I'm wordering is what are these categories that companies want to fill? Is Ticket to Ride the 30-60 minute gateway game for Days of Wonder and so they'd be less likely to want to produce a game in that category? Or is it that TTR is a train game, and so DoW wouldn't want another...

Possible categories I think of for any given company: 2 Gateway games, 2-3 filler games, 3-4 medium games, 1-2 gamers games

and all with different themes? (ie, well we already have a filler game with pirates, so your medium weight prototype is nice, but it doesnt fit)

Anyone with knowledge and wishing to list examples from companies' game lists? Thank you all in advance!

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How to fill a game nitche in a company's lineup?

This is a tricky subject, because I can't look in the heads of publishers. When submitting, I do think about whether a company might produce the game I designed and am about to submit. It doesn't make sense to submit a heavy gamer's game to a company that produces party games, or to submit a wargame to a mainstream German company. It doesn't make sense, because I'm 99% to get a rejection. So, I look for companies that have published game of a similar weight and category.

However, in the end it's the publishers's call. I have had a game rejected because that company already had a deduction game. I've had a game rejected because it was a 2-player game, and that company was looking for multiplayer games.

I have never had a game rejected because of theme. I do think publishers won't produce a game with a similar theme as one of the games in their current line-up, but themes may be changed.

Bottomline is, if you think there's a change acompany might be interested then give it a shot. If you never shoot you always miss!

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