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know of any good "star rating" scripts?

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I was hoping to set up a simple feedback system on my website.

I have a bunch of game rules listed on my site. I have visitor stats but I don't know how sincere the visit is. Most of my hits seem to be accidental visits.

I'm looking for a free cgi script or something that would allow visitors to rate them... ala amazon star ratings, or thumbs up thumbs down ratings, or even a radio button survey poll that displays results on the same page... or better yet a system that allows one-line comments.

Can anyone suggest something that does a good job of this? The trick is I was looking for something that was free or dirt cheap and relatively easy to set up. I've searched and free cgi script sites but I haven't found a decent one yet that lasts.

thanks for any advice!


blogs are the answer!

Even tho this topic isn't sizzling, I thought I'd at least answer my own question... maybe somebody will find some use for it.

I searched and searched for "rating" cgi scripts and "polls" and whatnot. I was looking for a "simple thumbs up/ thumbs down" system. Everything I came across either had banner ads or was limited in some respect.

Then I realized Blogs have all the many fancy features I wanted. I used Blog-It by Greymatter which is free to use and it even has open source code I believe. You can customize everything.

There are several other Blogs that might be even better supported and offer more fancy plug-ins. I'm fairly new to the whole concept so sorry if I'm excited about something that's been around for a while.

It could be a good way to log game development and organize feedback from playtesters.

:?: Does anybody already use a blog as a method to express game design ideas and solicit feedback?


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know of any good "star rating" scripts?

tomgale wrote:
Does anybody already use a blog as a method to express game design ideas and solicit feedback?

They certainly do... see our own journals here at the BGDF.

-- Matthew

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