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New Game - How can I sell it to a major producer ?

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Hi and Thanks in advance for your help :-)

I have invented, developed, built and extensively tested a NEW board game.
I believe it will be a hit.

All the big producers of games say:-

We have established a policy of not reviewing outside submissions, except from a limited number of firms and individuals that have had previous, long-standing relationships with. We realize that at times we may pass up ideas that could be opportunities for us, but we believe our policy is necessary to avoid possible conflicts with our own product development efforts.

HOW do you get past this positively negative aspect of selling a new board game?
Thanks, Rik.

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New Game - How can I sell it to a major producer ?

It's expensive. Get yourself a nice prototype made, and then take pay for a booth at Toy Fair to show off the product. That's what I would do.

A website

How about just building a simple 3-5 page website and putting links to or on there and you can start selling your game immediately. This can also be a medium to advertise your game or let distributors check out your website at will so they get a better feel of what the game is about.
All you need is about 4 or 5 pages.
A main page describing the game. About the Game
A how to play the game page
A contact page so customers can get in touch with you
A page for Press if you have a press release or media packet
And maybe a page for "how to order" then you can link them to paypal or other payment sites.
You can get on built for about $400 or so. Which is pretty good considering they go up to the thousands. I designed the site.
They have sold well over 1000 games just off the site. I was helping one of my friends build and test the game, when we came up with the idea to build a website for it adn I had experience designing websites so I gave it a shot and thats when I saw it grow and they sold games not only around the US but worldwide too. Because anyone around the world can access it and buy it off the website. Easy World Wide marketing.. hehe :)

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