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Publicize the game with a website!

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A lot of gamers fail to realize the importance or the difference a website can make in selling their game. Since we all here are novices trying to become huge with the next big IDEA, we need to get our ideas across. What better way than a website. I myself am also into the whole board game design thing along with my friend, but web design was something I did has a hobby. Now I do it a lot more.

All you need is about 4 or 5 pages.
A main page describing the game. About the Game with some pictures
A how to play the game page
A contact page so customers can get in touch with you
A page for Press if you have a press release or media packet. (pictures here too)
And maybe a page for "how to order" then you can link them to paypal or other payment sites.

You can get one built for about $400 or so. Which is pretty good considering they go up to the thousands. I designed the site. They have sold well over 1000 games just off the site. I was helping one of my friends build and test the game, when we came up with the idea to build a website for it, and that really helped the company grow. So I am here to help if anyone does need help getting a professional website up and running within a week.
Thanks for reading everyone. :)
Good luck I have seen some great ideas here.

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