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Referral-based marketing

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I'm planning to self-publish a game, and I've been trying to think of non-traditional ways of marketing it. From what I've read (not a lot), personal recommendations are one of the most effective ways of marketing, so I'd like to encourage people to tell their friends about my game (assuming they like it, of course).

One idea that occurred to me is a referral/affiliate program. This is not new, of course -- has had an affiliate program for years. I could set up a similar system for people to link to my Web site and receive a percentage of sales from that link, or some other reward like promotional items (T-shirts, posters, etc.) or discounts on future purchases.

To handle non-Web referrals, I could add a field to my checkout form where you enter the name of the person who referred you, and if that person has registered as an affiliate, they get a percentage of the sale or other reward.

Has anyone had experience with this kind of program? Are there problems with it? Do you think it would be effective on a small scale?

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just a thought

This might do more with selling than marketing, but i was pondering the idea of setting up a part of my sight for the self publisher. The self publisher could post a brief explantion/description with images of the game they are trying to sell.
The website would have nothing to do with the actual selling aspect. Each self publisher would have their own paypal purchase link for each of their games being displayed. All Payment would go through paypal.
I thought this would be a good idea for self publishers to join forces and maybe by word of mouth/internet become a hot spot for the indie designer's work.

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