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Small independent manufacturers?

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I have been using the "web resources" feature to try to find some game manufacturers from whom to request a manufacturing quote (not just prototypes).

There were only a handful of listings that had any feedback associated with them.

Is this the best resource or does anyone know of a thread or a better way to compile a list of manufacturers with whom I may check?

There were very few comments about the manufacturers, have any of you ever used or even just contacted the companies but have not filled in the feedback on them?

Thanks a ton,
Lisa F.

Small independent manufacturers?

I have contacted MANY of those on the list and searched on ec21 and another international traders site for manufacturing quotes, referalls from clients and agents,designers, distributors and other lists of products similiar to what I am looking for to search each item seperately.

I have found that alot of the companies doing it all are fairly close to reasonable. The best I found was myself. I found each part seperately then assemble and shrink wrap them all myself. independent people will work with you on smaller quantities especially if you are local. I got 100 games done and if I wanted one there was no additional fee or set ups. That means I could have got just one prototype of my game made for under 6 a game. The best I got for one was 300. and if ordering quantities minimum of 500 was lowest I found and they wanted 7 a game. So it pays to shop around and if you really look it can be found with networking yourself. Depending on your cashflow situation it makes a differrence too, Location, Country, Shipping, Space availability for storage, the time frame is a big key too. If you dont have to rush them out then the price is put in as a filler for man hours to the company as well between jobs instead of idle time. This is nice to the company and to you for the bottom line.

Each game and situation will varry from what I have found as each company asks alot of different questions to be able to quote you not just about your game.

this is only from my experience which is very limited as I am only beginning and my first game is at the printers after a month searching.

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Small independent manufacturers?

I've contacted several of them for quotes/info. Most of them have a minimum print run of 5000 units, which is more than I can afford. Delano and MJS Creations were willing to do smaller runs. MJS seems to be a bit cheaper than Delano, perhaps because they use a factory in China. Delano got several of the details of the quote wrong, even after I asked for a correction.

If you're doing a card game with 5000+ units, I'd recommend giving Yaquinto a try. I spoke to Kyle Spaulding there, and she was very helpful, even suggesting other manufacturers when it became clear my game wasn't a good fit, rather than trying to give me a hard sell.

Thank you!

Thank you for your recommendations.

I submitted a quote request to MJS and to FRV - will check out Delano. Haven't heard back yet - don't know what the turn-around time is.

I am also attempting to get a quote on one piece and then hope to find a printer for the remaining items. The manufacturer I am waiting on suggested using some social services agencies to help put together and finish off the product into individual game units. They had clients who had used that method before with much success. He had the name of an agency in CA that he knew of as reliable.

Unfortunately, my game is not a card game so the last referral won't work.

Thanks again-

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