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Small run printers?

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I have a game that I am trying to get printed (i.e, self-publishing). It's a pretty small niche-market game, so I just want to do a small run initially to see how well it flies. I'm looking for some company that could publish a run of 100-250 games at a reasonable rate. Any suggestions?

Someone suggested I use a digital printing company for such a task. Any recommendations on digital print companies that could do this type of thing?


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Small run printers?

Hi kfeeley,

Do you mind sharing what sort of media you're looking at printing? For example, will it be basically just a poster, or a thick board, or cards, or what?

Hopefully someone else can correct me, but I don't think even a digital printer is going to be cost effective at such low quantities. Although there's less setup than offset printing, there is still a fair bit that drives overhead costs up. For example, recently I got a quote from a digital printer for a 12pt full color print die cut into a folding game board and some cards. 250 ran $725, 1000 $950. (can anyone say something about how those numbers look to them?)

On the other hand, if your components fit nicely with standard sizes, there's a bunch of online printers that will do things much more cheaply. I can point out some if you say what you're printing.

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Printers list?

Yes helpful to list printers if you can

Anyone used Alpha graphics?
What was the outcome in quality print?


Small run printers? would be helpful to list some small run printers. I am now looking for some myself to get a quote from. Any help would be great!

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Small run printers?

jkopena wrote:
can anyone say something about how those numbers look to them?

Those numbers look very interesting :)

What if there's 2 boards and twice as many cards? Can two combine their games into an order for a double game? Then each person gets 1000 copies of their game for less than they'd pay for 250 in a single order.

Even better, if one person has 2 games they're thinking of publishing can they combine them into a single game for publishing purposes and then split them before selling them?

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