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Starting my own business

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Ok I'm getting to the final stages of my
board game self publishing adventure!

someone recommended this link here,

has anyone ever used them?
if so, around how much do I expect?

All I need are the
Business License
State Tax ID
seller's permit
and Federal Tax ID

do I still need to sign anything in person?
Or will they just mail me everything all done and easy?

sorry for all the Qs, business scares me!
Thank you so much in advance!!!!

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Starting my own business

It's been a long while since I did it, but starting a business isn't that hard and I certainly wouldn't pay for it. If you go down to your local city/county center, they'll probably walk you through it. I imagine you'd just need to file a DBA ("Doing Business As") as a sole proprietor (with state and municipals) and maybe a sales tax license (for collecting/reporting on sales) and a sales tax exemption (for purchases). You should be able to use your SSN for all of that. They'll give you grief if you say it's a home business and you're not zoned for it; probably moreso if you say you're a manufacturer. Most of the time it won't matter if you make clear that you won't be disruptive (no loud machinery or increased traffic).

I'm not a lawyer nor a tax advisor, but if it were me, I probably wouldn't worry with it until I was ready to make a large cash outlay I wanted to deduct, or I started making money. From what I remember, there were federal tax laws covering hobbies (an activity that makes less than some dollar amount -- I think it was $600 last I checked). I think those laws cover individuals engaging in business-like activities so they don't have to do all the paperwork/junk with getting set up as a company. Maybe your state also has similar rules. If so, you'd probably need to only comply with those rules for the first little while and could dispense with all the bueacracy until you were sure it was worth your while.

Joined: 12/31/1969
Starting my own business

thanx for the reply!

unfortunately my state is a moron when it comes to
things like this.

I've noticed other things that my state forces us to do
that people in other states don't need to worry about.

It is technically illegal for me to just go ahead and start
without registering. And the evidence against me would
be through my bank account with paypal, hey who's side
is the bank on?

If I was in Richardson I would easily get registered
but Dallas is a huge city and man.... I bet it would really
stink to go get it done here.

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