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Is it a new trend that publishers doesnt want sumissions from the public?

I read on a swedish forum that publishers are afraid if getting sued and thats the reason why some of them dont accept submissions.
It will be a conflict with what they do inhouse so to speak.

Edit: Respons to outsidelime

I have noticed that small companies are more interested in submissions than larger ones. I guess they havent got any people working inhouse with gamedesign.


Joined: 12/31/1969

It's not a new trend... large companies with in-house development have been wary of unsolicited outside submissions for decades. The risk of lawsuits is not worth the trouble, so many of them discourage outside submissions altogether, or have a standard rejection response that they reply with.

Smaller companies are often open to submissions, and you should always check out the website of ANY company, large or small, (at the very least, phoning their office will get you good info as well) to find out their stance.


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