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UK Printer for Tiles / Die-Cut Counters

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Sorry if this has been asked before but a search of the site has proved inconclusive.

Does anyone know of a UK (or, at a push, mainland European) based printer that could either print tiles for a game (e.g. like Carcassone) or produce die-cut counters on good quality card?

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UK Printer for Tiles / Die-Cut Counters

I just saw two decent cutting machines online

Xyron Wishblade Personal Media Cutter - link
This one will connect to your computer and allow various fonts, shapes, images to be cut out. It seems to run about $450 bucks online.

Cricut - link
This is a standalone cutting system, cuts shapes, fonts. It uses cartridges that supply different fonts and shapes. But you dont need a computer. This one sells for about $250-$279, but you have to buy those font/shape cartridges.

Not sure how well they work but they both look great. I saw the CriCut in action and it could cut standard card stock, but I cant find thickness specifications for either machine. Which might be the downfall. And I think both of these can be found at local craft stores, and would be great if you could use a 40% off coupon!

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