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War Game Design Group

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Hi Everyone!

I have formed a War Game Design Group with the purpose of creating new and visionary concepts and marketing them commercially. I have some outstanding people in my group. We currently have two games in the production stage and I have ten on my personal waiting list. Anyone who wants to learn a little bit more should check out our Yahoo Group:

which is designed to give you the basic information. If after that you are interested email me and we will begin negotiations. Those accepted will join our Design Team and have access to our private work Forum.


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War Game Design Group

Dear Troy

I looked at your group and was unable to gather any information from it that you have not already posted here. Just for the record could you clarify some of the wording in your post?

We currently have two games in the production stage and I have ten on my personal waiting list.

When you say “in the production stage” what do you mean? Are you getting it produced as I write this?

If after that you are interested email me and we will begin negotiations.

What would we negotiate? IPR or %


As we speak the six other members of my group are basically voting on the working agreement (bi-laws?) of our group. Us 7 have been involved for about two months or so working on this group. We determined who was serious and not and so.

The concept of the group is (will be finalized after the agreement is in place) individuals join the group and work in small groups to design war games (and possibly RPG's) that will initially be operated as PBEMS (this is for the cost factor) although all options will be considered. These small groups will basically share any revenue that is made from their game, except that which is allocated to other members for admin purposes (Customer Service, Marketing, etc...). So basically we have mini groups within the group.

I have 12 game designs I want to put into play. I have others but these are my focus. A basic outline of this is available in file section of the Yahoo Group I suggested people join. This group is being used to recruit new members...

Two of my games are now being worked on (thats what I mean by produced). One game is a hypothetical Ancient & Medieval game (covering Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia) where players (40) assume one of the Great Empires (or famous at least) in History. Examples include; Rome, Greece, Egypt, Feudal England, Samurai Clans, Mongols, Huns, Persians, Carthaginians, Franks, etc... Each empire will compete for World Domination. The players units, names etc... will provide the flavor of their Culture.

The next game is a Massive Europa style WWII game set to begin in 1936 to allow for maximum what if potential. It is a huge multi-player game where between 100-200 players will assume roles of the various Major and Minor Nations. Roles include; Political Leaders, CinC's, Theater Commanders and Corps/Fleet Commanders.There is a heavy emphasis on the Chain of Command, What if possibilities, fog of war etc... the level of detail is going to be immense.

Alot will be determined once my fellow members finish my survey which will complete our set of bi-laws so to speak. I suggest you join that Yahoo Group, just to keep abreast. I may tend to lose track of some of these threads (I am all over the net...) but those in that group will know whats going on with every move.

The idea will be something like this. If you have what I or a small group will think is a viable project you will be able to join our group which means you will have to allow several members to work with you on it and then you will get to draw from the group as needed for support. We are determining the specifics now, such as how many members per design team, how the profits will be broken down, how new decisions will be made, etc...

Once these are decided upon They will all be posted in our Yahoo Group:

Anyone who is accepted will have access to our private Message Board which is where we interact (I just created a brand new one).


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