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Designer's Block

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I have some kind of prototype in my mind of a game. Its far from finished, but somehow I don't know what to change, because I like the mechanics involved. I keep thinking of it, without having any solutions or ideas. Does anyone now how to deal with this?

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Re: desigers block

Hey Aguas,

Build the prototype as "no frills" as you can (hand-write cards on scraps of paper, etc). Play it by yourself. If there's nothing obviously broken, play it with some friends.

Chances are your first playest will reveal what to keep and what to toss.

If your design isn't solid enough to prototype, solidify it. This usually means cutting rather than adding. Strip it down to the essential mechanics. Prototype that version of the game and add only if necessary.

Then repeat this process until your game shines or reveals itself as utterly broken.

Good luck!


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Designer's Block

Just the process of creating a prototype will be instructive. The effort of creating cards, pieces, and whatnot will show you a lot about the game, and make you consdier things differently than you do when it's all floating around in your head. some ideas just don't pan out in the real world, and some turn out much better when forced into concrete form.

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