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Piecepack Spielunker

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Hey all, I was just thinking of our foregone Collaborative Game Design Project. In light of the current Piecepack design competition: Group Projects, I thought it might be good to look at what we'd done and see if anything could be abstracted out into the piecepack mold. I think our project is exactly in the spirit of the contest, and as we were wokring on a Tile Laying game, it might fit Piecepack nicely.

For those that don't know, Piecepack is a set of components which includes 24 Tiles labelled 0-5 in 4 different suits on the front with a generic 2x2 grid on the back, 24 coins labelled the same way- suit indicator on 1 side and rank on the other, 1 d6 for each suit numbered 0-5, and 1 pawn in each color. The contest allows the use of multiple Piecepacks, as well as other components as long as they're easy to find (stuff you'd have around the house). The only rule for this competition is that the game must have at least 2 authors.

- Seth

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Piecepack Spielunker

That had occurred to me as well, but unfortunately, I don't think that the Spielunking game could be adjusted to suit piecepack (at least not without losing most of the interesting mechanics) as the components seems sufficiently different.

Then again, we're at a bit of a standstill with it anyway (I presume that is partly because no-one has felt able to actually rough something up for testing yet as the state of the game is just short of that point), so it might be worth someone taking another look at it with piecepack in mind.

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