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I've read through the threads but it's surprisingly difficult to fit everything into place because the posts are (understandably) out of order. I'd need to read one or two posts in one thread, then one post in another thread, then two posts in a third, then back to one in the first thread, etc. to really understand what's going on, and frankly I can't seem to do that.

Can anyone summarize what is decided and what's undecided and what's simply unknown?


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Well... There are a lot of things that are still sort of 'fuzzy'. Since all of the mechanics would be tightly intertwined, I guess what we are trying to do now is decide on ONE thing and then build the other mechanics around that mechanic. That's what I'm trying to do with the tile completion mechanic vote now. I believe that we can't go on designing the rest of the game until we decide if we were going to use that mechanic or not.

So what we are trying to decide on right now is....

1) Whether or not to implement Carcassone style scoring/placement and/or whether the completion status of placed tiles affects the game in other ways.
2) A way to implement searching cave tiles.. We need to decide if we are going to implement events in with searching. Also whether to stick with chits or use cards.
3) The end game trigger, and whether finding exits is necessary, and how to implement this. One of the available theories is that the game ends when one person documents 'x' # of discoveries.
4) A way to implement tile placement.
5) We do have a good idea of how we want to implement discoveries and obstacles that 'stick' to cave tiles (drawn from a pool of chits and placed on the tile), we do however need to hammer out the details.
6) We do have a good idea of how we want to attempt movement. Usually one Action Point is spent to traverse one cave or passage tile. We have kicked around the idea of being able to spend only 1 AP to traverse an ENTIRE, COMPLETED passageway or cave 'system'.
7) We do have a good idea about how to deal with obstacles. Obstacles are given a certain # of APs that are required to overcome them. If you own a certain piece of equipment, then the obstacles required AP is reduced by rating on the piece of equipment. We have not yet decided on whether a person can 'roll over' spent APs from turn to turn. For example, suppose a cave in obstacle cost 10 APs to overcome, on this turn I could spend my remaining 5 APs and then on my next turn I could spend another 5 and the obstacle would be overcome.
8) How to implement the players' start mechanism.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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