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CGD1 Brainstorm: Cheesy Sci-Fi

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Now that some core ideas are out, let's spend some time discussing them and pseudo-brainstorming about them.

It would be great if you'd take a moment to at least:

  • Mention something you like about the idea,
  • Mention something that you don't care for or are concerned about regarding the idea, and
  • Put out anything else about the idea you'd like, including any basic implementation ideas.
Please don't go into great detail about how you think such a game would work, trying to refine a bunch of mechanics or anything. Rather please keep it pretty basic. Once we pick one to move forward on then more details would make sense. Note, too, that whatever we go with we can still work on some of the other ideas later, of course.

Here's one of Krosse's thoughts:

Cheesy Sci-Fi- Players draw a number of cards with typical sci-fi title words on them to battle each other. For example: I draw 5 cards, I get "Giant, Demonic, Cyborg, Ninja, Zombie" So, my legion is now made up of Giant demonic cyborg ninja zombies (with appropriate abilities). It'd be corny, but fun to talk about after each game.

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CGD1 Brainstorm: Cheesy Sci-Fi

As a big watcher of cheesy sci-fi and additionally a MST3K fan, this one certainly strikes my fancy.

Part of the idea has already been done -- there's a game I've forgotten the name of where you are part of a horror film where the title (and core theme) of the film is created by randomly putting together key words, along the lines of "Killer Radioactive Mutant Rabbits from Beyond the Stars." The fact that it's been done in a fairly obscure game isn't a big negative at all, but I thought I'd bring it up.

This has great camp possibilities. Very cool and fun sounding. I'm not quite sure how the mechanics would work, but the basic idea sounds like fun.

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Re: CGD1 Brainstorm: Cheesy Sci-Fi

I hate to be a naysayer, but there's really nothing about this idea that I like. It's just not the type of thing I look for in a game. In the spirit of the project though I'll admit there's something to be said for combining word cards and coming up with a whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts. There are other games that are like this (like Cheapass' the Great Idea or whatever it's called) which I also haven't been interested in trying.

The mechanic could maybe be put to use in another context perhaps.

- Seth

CGD1 Brainstorm: Cheesy Sci-Fi

I absolutely LOVE the idea of mixing words together and getting your "army" established.

Giant Mutated Chameleons from the Planet X! and stuff like that. It sounds like it makes for very varied and fun gameplay every time.

However, in the old sci-fi movies, there never really was more than 1 (sometimes 2) antagonists in each movie. So with a 4 player game that would seem a bit crowded with ninjas and robots and monsters and aliens all fighting on one board.

Perhaps instead it's just the goal of the game in general, and each player draws one card and they all put them together and that makes up the objectives of the game.

So I'm mainly worried about the actual gameplay.

I'm also worried about the amount of words picked. I think 5 is too much, and think 3 should be perfect. You get two aspect cards, and one noun card, and you get Tiny Ninja Robots.

However, there could be an additional card(s) drawn describing the origin and nature of the topic. Such as what planet are they from? Are they lab creations going on a rampage? ect.

So you could have Rampaging blah blah blah, or Invdading blah blah blah, or something.

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It's been done before.
Don't think it would be fun (I've played the "it's been done" game and it wasn't fun either - too random)

Campy Sci Fi is always good. Rethink the mechanics.

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