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CGD1 Brainstorm: Firefighting

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Now that some core ideas are out, let's spend some time discussing them and pseudo-brainstorming about them.

It would be great if you'd take a moment to at least:

  • Mention something you like about the idea,
  • Mention something that you don't care for or are concerned about regarding the idea, and
  • Put out anything else about the idea you'd like, including any basic implementation ideas.
Please don't go into great detail about how you think such a game would work, trying to refine a bunch of mechanics or anything. Rather please keep it pretty basic. Once we pick one to move forward on then more details would make sense. Note, too, that whatever we go with we can still work on some of the other ideas later, of course.

Here's one of Krosse's thoughts:

Firefighting- Make your way through a burning building, in search of trapped residents. Deal with random movement of the fire, using a set number of "hose" points to move through. Find aid along the way, such as fire escapes, alarm/sprinkler systems, etc.

Joined: 12/31/1969
CGD1 Brainstorm: Firefighting

What kid didn't want to be a firefighter at some point. All that sliding down poles, zooming around in the truck, saving lives, playing with the dalmation... what a hoot. As a adult: hey, we all know that firefighters get all the chicks! :)

The theme has a potential downside in that it's based in tragedy, something some folks might consider a downer.

I can really envision some cool mechanics here. Your idea of the fire spreading sounds really cool. Maybe something with a multi-story building, too, with stairs and/or floors that would collapse, etc. Very fun sounding.

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CGD1 Brainstorm: Firefighting

Kind of like my Humanitarian suggestion, this is a theme that I don't really think there are any games about, and I think it could be interesting. I had also begun thinking about what a firefighting game might look like. My idea involved there being 4 fire stations, each of which excelled at a different aspect; one had really good fire fighting equipment, one had the best rescue team, one was centrally located for quick access to the fires, etc. And so each turn, players, who are fire chiefs, are assigned to one of the stations, then fires start happening and you must deploy your crew in such a way that you play the biggest role in fighting the fires, etc.

It woud have to be done delicately, but if it was, I think this could be a unique theme to explore!


CGD1 Brainstorm: Firefighting

An interesting idea I had about this game. Instead of having it be just one building on fire, how about an entire city.

The city is divided into districts, and each district divided into squares. The fire starts with one square, and spreads from there.

Now, what if each player was asigned to their own district. Of course they can help players of other districts fight fires, but then they'd leave themselves vulnerable.

The fires are started every turn by the player whos turn it is. They determine the location of the fire randomly by drawing a card.

Now, here's the idea I had. What if one player wasn't just a fire chief, what if he was an arsonist? So instead of deploying a fire randomly, he get's to choose where the fire starts (even though he still draws a card).

Nobody shows the card they draw when they place the fire, so as far as you know, anyone could be the arsonist, but there is only one.

The arsonist earns points depending on what burns to the ground. The more he burns the more he earns. If he's not caught before he earns a certain amount of victory points, then he wins. If he's caught then he loses and the other players win.

So the players have to not only fight fires (including the arsonist unless he wants to get caught) but they have to try to figure out which player is the arsonist. So the arsonist has to very carefully gauge what fires he tries to help with, and what fires he doesn't, he also has to put some fires in his own district unless he wants to get caught, maybe even help someone else fight a fire and put a fire in his own district.

However if his own district burns down to the ground, the fire spree is ended, and the arsonist loses.

Kind of a big twist on the theme, but it would certainly make it more interesting.

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