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Game #20: Cow Tipping by FL

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Game #20: Cow Tipping by FL

Just read the rules. I know, the last post was over 9 months ago, but I wanted to know if you had made any changes to the official rules? Reading the posted rules was fun, I didn't find myself scanning to see how many more pages to read. The rule book with examples was awesome, and the cards are very cool. Any plans to produce this game?

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Game #20: Cow Tipping by FL

Thanks, I pride myself on my ability to write rules.

I did make quite a few changes from then that have improved the game a lot. It's no much faster, more balanced, and more fun.

However it's not currently fun enough, imo. It's on the back burner as I ponder how to add a bit more fun. I'm sure it will move forward, though, as I like lots of things in it.

-- Matthew

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