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[GDW] Next on the agenda...Bandecko

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Ok, thanks again to FastLearner for submitting a great game for the Game Design Workshop, I think we had some good discussion, and that was a good thing.

Next up will be Bandecko. So, Bandecko, please tell us how we can access your game!

Incidentally, just as a personal commentary, FastLearner kind of quenched discussion after the first week in anticipation of making a "new, improved" rulebook which never materialized (for understandable reasons). I have observed that several other people have also tried to update their rulebooks "on the fly" during the GDW. My personal opinion is that this is not a good idea. I think the two weeks are about the right length for having a full discussion of one rulebook, but it places too much pressure on you if you want to incorporate changes that people have made without properly letting them marinate. I think it's better to say "here are the changes I'm looking to make; what do you guys think?" I think that spending your time and energy in discussion, rather than in tweaking your rulebook, is a better use of the GDW. People who have read the first rules will know enough to understand your proposed changes anyway, and won't need to read a modified rulebook; if anything, the latter will take more time, because they'll have to identify what is the same and what is different, which isn't always obvious.

This is obviously just my opinion, so take it or leave it, but anyway, I continue to think that two weeks of discussion is just about right, and there's no need to try to be too much more ambitious than that....

Bandecko, looking forward to checking out your game...


Million apologies

Unfortunately time has been a rare commodity as of late. I am going to get my GDW entry up (I'm doing it all in HTML, and working on it right now), but I just want to sincerely apologize about the tardyness.

I just found out my girlfriend is pregnant, so we've been going to the doctor a lot, and I'm trying to put in extra hours at work.

Anyhoo, look for either tomorrow afternoon or later this evening.

Again, a million sorries.

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