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[GDW] Official format changes

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With last weeks DNS weirdness, I'm sure there are a lot of people who didn't get to vote who would have liked to, but rather than have a revote, I propose we just go ahead with the majority, even though it's a small majority, and see how it goes for a while. We can re-evaluate at the end of the year.

We'll go with one week slots, which will start on Monday of each week. I won't be able to send out reminders consistently, so please try to keep an eye on when you're up in the schedule.

We'll start next Monday with Oracle's game, "City Builder." So, Oracle, please try to have a rulebook ready for us by Monday, Oct 6, and tell us on that day how to access it (you can start early, if you'd like).

Next up will be Brykovian, and we'll follow the existing schedule after that. Please let me know if you want to get a rulebook into the queue, it won't be as long as it used to be (and it's ok to submit your 2nd rulebook if you've already gone once...)


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