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[GDW] Time to think about next year!

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Joined: 08/03/2008

We have a nice full schedule for the GDW for the remainder of this year, but that means it's time to start thinking about January and beyond! Please PM me if you'd like to get your game in the queue. I'll put them onto the schedule in the order that people PM me.

Check out the Forum protocols in the GDW forum for more details on how the process works.

And just to say once again, please keep in mind that the workshop depends on your participation to succeed, and not just in submitting your game (though we obviously depend on that!). If people are going to review your game in the Workshop, please extend them the same courtesy and post some comments on their games when their sessions come up. This is meant to be a way for "all of us" to help "each other", and not just for "us" to help "you". Jump in on the discussions! (and if that doesn't sound interesting, please consider using a journal entry rather than the GDW to discuss your game...)

Looking forward to a great winter of games!


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