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basic rule ideas for a game

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I have been working on a board game for a while, and personally, i think the game works well enough, though that probably isn't the case.I call it Gemz for now, since it fits woth the overall theme of the game, and I just want to know what most people think of the basic idea:

You are a nameless knight or wizard (depending on which token you choose to play with) on a mystical island trying to take as much gems from the tower they are stored in as possible

-The goal, as you would imagine, is to get more gems than the other player. the player with the most gems out of 25 at the end of the game wins, which usually revolves around playing the game until there are no more gems left to take.

-Moving is done woth a d6, like most other board games

Now the main innovation (in my opinion) of this game are the minions.

-Each player has a minion that they play BEFORE they play the other token on the other side of the board (i'll put it that way because on the actual board I made, its hard to explain the shape of the board unless you've actually seen the board) collecting cards known as 'Blessings' and 'Curses'.
-Like you probably would've guessed, Blessings help your 'master' token move and gather gems faster, while Curses do the exact opposate, hindering your 'master's progress

so, what do you think? are there things I should improve, change, replace, or remove altogether?

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Well where to start... Most

Well where to start...

Most boardgames do NOT us a d6 for movment. I cant even think of one exept Ludo.

The "inovation" as you called it, the minion. Is hard to have anny opinion about it. You do not explain the "mecanic" of it. Al you say is it collects blessings and curses. So it sounds ok I guess... Would be nice to no somthing further about it.

And the game board, if it is so hard to describe why not take a pictur or atleast try describing it. As it is now you do not give mutch information about the game so it is rather hard to help with feed back. You miove around on the game board using a d6 for movment collection as manny of the 35 gems as possible. Well do you folow several patchs, is the just a "start*" and a "finnish"? Is it the layout of a tower with difrent flors you can move freely around on?

I think you should play more boardgames, try difrent sorts. And play manny that is simular to what you want to make to se if ither it have already bin made or if there is somthing simular already in existans, if not maby you can get a feel for som of the difrent game mecaniks that are out there so you better can describe the once youre using...

I hope this have bin helpfull to you in some way or form...

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more detail

its out of 25, gems, actually...

most board games don't use d6 for movement? as in they they use something other than a six-sided die? the only games i can think off the top of my head use d6's (mabye its just me)

the minions pretty much do just that... the never interact with the masters or anything, they just enter a loop and land on blessing, curse or empty spaces.

i guess i'll try to explain the board:

the board is 4 sheets of blank paper (11 inches x 8.5 inches per sheet).

if you look at it on the vertical side, the master tokens start on the bottom-left and top-right sides of the board. the tower where the gems are is located in the middle of the board. between the starting point and the tower for each master is 22 3.5cm spaces the players have to move across (in a zig-zag kind of shape). now, the minions have separate 16-space areas located just beside where the masters are.

so in conclusion, you can say that each token occupies one sheet of paper, and are placed in an X style placement.

i really hope this helps understand the game better.

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Too dry

I think hulken is trying to be polite... so, to sum up
- most boardgames do not use a d6 for movement
- play more boardgames, or at least study some in BGG

To use straight English (with misspellings), I think your game is too dry. I do think that of most roll-and-move ones, but still. Maybe it was your explanation, or my understanding of it. I'm imagining you don't have a set of rules written out yet, nor a complete set of blesses/curses cards. Am I right?

Just some things to think about:
- Why are the minions so great, as you say?
- How will you avoid the game becoming repetitive fast?
- Will there be player elimination? or 13/25 gems will end you game?
- Will there be anything else than luck-based mechanics?
- What ages / playing time are you proposing?

Keep thinking!

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so, what you are saying is that i need to add more to this game and make it less luck-based
and more something like strategy?

yeah, i think i can do that...

also, i have 40 total cards (20 blessings and 20 curses). they range from simple things like move 1 extra space or lose a turn, to the mightiest of all the cards, the 'death' card (think of the grim reaper as the picture).

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Just a thought, but why not

Just a thought, but why not set up a base movement that is performed every turn. Perhaps 2 or 3 spaces, but once certain objectives are achieved or certain cards are held that can be changed either up or down. Sounds like you have that already built in with the blessing and curses. Could even have where the player chooses how many spaces to move, but the number of spaces moved reduces the cards they can use that turn?

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Lemme get this straight...

So, the goal is to collect as many gems as possible with your "Master".
In addition, you have a "Minion" that's only job is to go around collecting "Blessings" and "Curses" which can help or hinder your Master, respectively.


It seems like an idea so far, but more needs to be done.

As an idea, why not have several minions (start with 1 and spend Gems or something to get more). These minions can collect blessings, find curses (which instead of using on their master, they find an appropriate target for), deliver curses to other Masters, fight other minions, defend their Masters, or even when in large enough numbers, collect Gems.

Do you have any more ideas about what the game will include.

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