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Board Game Table Help!

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Hi There,

I’m currently in the process of designing a fairly large game and am looking for some of your thoughts of playing it on a game table. The game in a nutshell as follows:
- 4+ players
- high number of pieces per player between 50-80 pieces (may vary depending on each players strategy) may also go higher
- possible having a grid system for movement
- city scape scene, so there will be pieces to form the city
- movement of pieces will vary as there are different types of pieces

Would like to know if it would suit a game table, or should I scale the game back in size?
What is the ideal table size to play on for at least 6 players, can they play the game standing or sitting comfortably to move their pieces?

Any thoughts or ideas would be awesome help!

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There's no correct answer to

There's no correct answer to your question about the appropriate size of the game, other than, "make it the size you want it to be."

I believe the most standard table size (like what you would see at a convention) is something like 8'x3'. It's very feasible to have a large game fit on there, such as a large Heroscape environment. But if you are talking about a large board setup AND a lot of components for each player, then you may be pushing it to be too large for most tables.

But then that begs some other questions, too. How many people want to play a game that large? Even many large miniature games don't have a huge table setup AND each player has 80 components in front of them.

My guess is, if you aren't looking to do a miniatures game, it probably needs scaled back.

And to get back to your original question, I'd say plan on a table that is something like 8'x3' or 6'x4'.

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A crazy idea...

OK, so this is a crazy idea I had regarding table space.

I actually looked into elevated player boards. The thought was this: 1. they act as player screens. 2. they provide more table space for other stuff...

Not sure this is actually feasible in the real world, but, it's an option. :)


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