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Board Games Company Name

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Hello everyone,

I guess this post is not directly linked to design theory but i did not know where else to post as there is not a forum for company names.

So, anyway, the reason i am posting is because i need your help in deciding a name for my company through which i will be selling the games i design (which of course are going to be awesome) :)

After lots of thinking and name research i came up with a name which i think is really cool but i don't know how people will take it.

The name is "Board Games Syndrome".

What i mean about how people will react to it, is that the word "syndrome" on it's own depicts a negative situation, so i am worried if people will have that negative feeling when they hear the name or take it lightly and think it's funny - like it's meant to be.

And if you think it's a good name which one do you prefer:
1. Board Games Syndrome
2. Games Syndrome
3. Syndrome Games

Any feedback is appreciated,



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Syndrome does sound negative

Syndrome does sound negative to me.

And it does sound more like a name for a youtube channel than a company.

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Please don't

I also think "Syndrome" is a very bad word to use in a boardgame company name.
Everyone who has any connection to people with deseases will instantly remember bad things, pain, hospitals, and such.

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other connotations...

You might want to consider what your company name is intended to communicate and how people will take it.

Let's take your names...

Board Games Syndrome. To me, it sounds like an organization, rather than a company.

Games Syndrome sounds like a mom-and-pop company that sells games in a mall.

Syndrome Games sounds the most like a game company, but I'm thinking more of a video game company.

But as you know, there are many game companies that throw that conventional wisdom out the window (i.e. White Wolf Games, Bungie, Cool Mini Or Not). To me, I'd use a name that doesn't have people immediately ask "So...what does your company do?" rather, it infers it. Take Fantasy Flight Games. It has this kinda...RPG-ish feel to it, which is partly what they do. Respawn Games deals directly with video games, but it actually has a lot more meaning to it than that. Games Workshop gives an air of something primitive, which is funny considering (most of) their games are just statues on a board.

Ultimately, you're going to be the final say on what name you'll eventually use. My suggestion is that you use a name that not only means something to the audience, but means something to you personally.

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Another point that you might

Another point that you might want to consider is your company's Googlability. If the name of your company is comprised of real words, then it is hard to get on to the first page if someone is looking for you. Of course, if you use alternate spellings of words, then people who know the alternate spelling can find you easily enough, but the people who don't know it can't find you at all. I think that the best choice is a portmanteau.

If you're absolutely in love with the word 'syndrome' (which I agree has a negative connotation that isn't really ideal, though I don't think it's horrible), you might consider SyndroGames, with a subtitle that mentions "Board Game Syndrome." Once someone knows this name, they are certain to spell it correctly. And once you've registered (which is available -- I just checked), anyone searching "SyndroGames" will see your site as the first choice.

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My consulting firm is called K2 Consulting Group. And I have been thinking about having a branch associated with TableTop Games. Just as a comparison, the name that I would choose would be K2 Entertainment Group.

And I would do so, making it sound like I have millions of dollars invested in the success of my games! :P

Of course that's just me... I don't want to be a "Syndrome", I want to be recognized as producing interesting games with collective and collaborative efforts across the board.

But of course, we're all looking for different angles... Take "MS" or "Microsoft", the name can be analogous to "Muscular Sclerosis", the disease. So think about it... Several people have said that using it "to them" signifies something "bad".

And this reminds me about Lewis' post about game addiction and mind control. Some people say they want their games to be "addictive". Makes me think about all the fools that play Farmville and worry about their crops dying. Yeah some games are "addictive" and they are designed that way. As Dr. Pulsipher says "that's bad. You want your games to be FUN and create moments you can remember." Not addictive...

Granted that some games can upset players, the nature of competition... Not everyone plays fair when they play a game. Some players are more treacherous than other, always looking for the upper hand or to beat on people weaker than them... Sort of a "bully" mentality but only in games.

Anyways where I was going with all this IS... People give good advice you should consider it...

Best of luck with your company.

let-off studios
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Why not something like

Why not something like Andonis Games? AndoniStudio? Or even Mechadonic Studios/Games? Team Mechadonic? Those all sound better than a name that includes the word "Syndrome." Not sure what kind of research you did, but someone else pointed out that the word in particular could trigger a lot of negativity: something I recommend you avoid.

I also think that coming up with a company name - though in some ways it can be gratifying - should be a low priority until some solid games make their way out of your studio. That way, you can develop a name that is at least in some way linked to the type of games you design.

In any case, good luck to you in this task. :)

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Board Game Syndicate

Board Game Syndicate maybe?

still has kind of an "organizational" name though

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Heh, Board Game Syndicate

Heh, Board Game Syndicate sounds like a criminal organisation.

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Casamyr wrote:Heh, Board Game

Casamyr wrote:
Heh, Board Game Syndicate sounds like a criminal organisation.

"That's a nice board game you got there - I can help you make sure nothing happens to it..."

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Hello guys, so i followed

Hello guys,

so i followed your advice and in the end picked Mechanical Egg Gamelabs as the name for my company. The name comes from my surname, Mechanikos, that actually means mechanic in Greek, and from my wife's surname that, in Greek, sounds a lot like egg. I thought it was kinda cool and funny at the same time :)

Thank you all for your help.

I have registered it and now i am ready for business!

Right now i am working on my first game - a party game named RHYME:THE RAP CHALLENGE in which players are rappers trying to create and then rap, their own rap song. Lot's of fun and good times :)

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Mechanical Egg Game labs has

Mechanical Egg Game labs has a fun sounding to it and provides a nice friendly feel as well as opening up a compatible logo.

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Thanks. I do have a cool logo

Thanks. I do have a cool logo as well but i don't know how to upload pictures here. Is there a way?

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