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Boardgames that fit in a DVD box

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By reading the "game give-away during halloween" thread, I have been somewhat been obsessed with "how to design a game that could fit in a small box".

First, I tought of a small cardboard box which could be a bit bigger than a box for a deck of card. It made me remembered of all the small components that I have seen before: small dices, small deck of cards, etc. Still, I think this small box was pretty limited because it did not allow me to design all kind of games. For example, it would have been hard to fit a board in there. But it could be transportable in a pocket.

So I started thinking that plastic box would be much better than cardboard ones which finally lead me to the idea of a DVD box. I know in the past that some games where published in VHS box. So it's not an entirely new idea.

The idea of the DVD box is that it is large enough to fit a board split up in 2 or 4 parts. There is also some clips on the back of the cover to fit the boards and to place the instructions. The only drawback is that it is very thin for fitting a deck of card.

But that was solved pretty fast because there are double sized DVD boxes. My girlfriend has all the sims 2 expansions which fit in large boxes which allow to stack CDs in the case. That would be perfect to store cards and almost any components. The only drawback is that there is a circle with a stud to hold the DVD which consume space and prevent the cards from beign placed nicely in the box.

So I was wondering, is there DVD boxes available with no rings at the bottom?

I don't know if there is many advantages in distributing games inside DVD boxes. For example, does a DVD box is less expensive than a cardboard box?

Maybe some card board box are not that expensive. For example, there are some card games like: King's Blood, King's Breakfast, and Mamma Mia that fits in a cheap and small box. But still the DVD case is stronger.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Do you think a DVD box is too big?

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I think the mechanics of a

I think the mechanics of a game would be more of a factor in determining resizing. A simple game or one with automated complexity (using a small CPU and display... it'd be pretty easy to automate a random generator and/or counter to minimize dice/tokens) could probably be shrunk down more easily.

I think the bigger concern for a consumer would be the reasoning behind the small packaging. Are you going for compact travel game, an eco-friendly efficient packaging scheme, and/or some other marketing distinction (like calling it a bookshelf game and making the packaging look like a book)?

I think the idea is a good one. I still have little travel games, some of which I bought 25 years ago, for camping. The biggest drawback I've found with these travel games is that they're more fagile than the bigger versions. Typically the case is what folds out into the board, and it's the case that usually breaks (I've had to replace many of them). A DVD case has more padding and would probably prevent a lot of the damage I've experianced from trying to pack a game along with a bunch of other gear.

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Might be way off

This might be way off, but what about a print and play game that fits on a dvd. I.e. the info is on the cd to print your own,just a shot in the dark. Pieces small enough to be in a box that size would not be good to give to little kids, choking hazzard.

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I like the idea

You give the CD and the box. Print it yourself and place it in the box. That is a cool idea.

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