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Card game hero/villan with action cards?

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I am trying to come up with a new card game, i already chose the theme it is heroes and villains and so far i have 1 idea in which you either use a hero or villain team, both sides basically play the same way, just different designs

Anyway my idea is you have a deck full of heroes/villains and you have another deck full of actions which depending on the hero you have on the field, some cards have punch, kick dodge ect but some will have hero excursive abilities such as if you have a fire based hero, you can use fireball spell or something like that.

and the idea is you have 1 hero on your field and 3 extra heroes in your bench which are inactive until you replace your main hero or it is killed and then 4 action cards also on the field. which i have no idea how to add a mechanic to it, like how will these action cards work, will they be dice mechanic or will they be stat mechanic such as damage, speed and other types of stats.

I dont want my heroes to stay on the field for a long time either since you have a deck full of heroes that wont be used if 1 hero stays on the field for most of the match.

And how will the heroes/villains work, do they have strength and weakness to certain characters, do they belong to a certain lair or team, which the bench heroes that are on the same team as the main hero grants the hero a bonus or something?

That is basically all i have come up with

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Nice Project

Yep, it sounds like you have a lot of work to do. :)

Seriously though, you describe an initial concept well enough. How do you hope to model this for the player? What indicates a player "winning" the game? What must happen (at least in a conceptual sense, not necessarily mechanics-wise) for a player to trigger the winning condition?

What's your theme? Is this a super-powered street battle for great justice? Is it trial by combat, and guilt is assumed for the loser? Is it an arena, where teams fight for glory and fame? How does this theme impact the mechanics and victory conditions you want to choose?

And yeah, finally mechanics are how the players interact with and within this model. How do you want it to work? How detailed and nuanced do you wish to be? How will this impact the player experience?

Best of success to you with this project! :)

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How about defining a turn-order???

This is just an "idea" for you... do with it as you wish:

If you want players to cycle through their "Heroes", one suggestion that I have is...

A> Start by playing all "Hero" cards "FACEDOWN" (Hidden).
B> Next play all "Support" cards "FACEDOWN" too.
C> Reveal BOTH player's "Hero" cards.
D> Do like it WAR, simple number comparison and the higher player wins.
E> Try to avoid losing your Hero by revealing "Support" cards.
F> Discard all cards at the end of the round.

Something like this might work and keep gameplay fluid and moving continually.


Update: You'll also want to reward the Victor of the battle with a Victory Point -- first player to 20 VPs wins... Something simple like that.

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Cheers, haven't decided on

Cheers, haven't decided on the win condition yet, i might do a point system depending on the hero that is killed

It is still early work, who knows i might scrap it and think of another hero villain game,

I was thinking like an mmo or diablo type game, not the mechanics of them but their abilities like you select your hero then you select 4 action cards to use in battle, thats what diablo kind of has, but i want to implement it into my game but only the abilities but i need to make it work with the cards and also make sense and used in the core mechanics instead of them just being filler cards

So i guess my progress will be

-think of a core concept for the game
-figure out the mechanics
-think about what card does what
-rough sketches with card information
-play test
-change if needed
-play test more
-change if needed
-play test some more
-post card game on forums for feedback
-change if needed
-play test again
-post card game on forums for more feedback
-create card template draft
-post card template on forums for feedback
-create character artwork
-post finished game on forums
-print and play game

Basically that is how i progress my games

Edit: Maybe i dont need a deck full of heroes instead ill let the players chose upto 4 heroes from a deck of 10 before the game starts which dont need to be drawn but instead you can choose on your own, the ability deck might be the only one where you need to draw per turn or something

Maybe action and ability cards in one deck, the ability cards you draw are permanently placed on the field (up to 4) while the action cards act as attacks, blocks and counters or special cards that prevent players from using abilities or their heroes. so either you can use your abilities on your turn or your action cards. what do you think?

Also maybe there is a currency system which are needed to use abilities, either currency cards or using your unwanted action/spell cards in your hand and send them to your graveyard acts as fuel to power up and use your ability cards

more i talk about it more ideas flowing through my head lol, i think this could work

rough mock up of the cards for my hero/villain card game, basically i changed it a little, instead of discarding cards from your hand to use abilities i decided to use the heroes energy, and changed my heroes power to energy so instead of making my hero attack he will use abilities and action cards instead of himself, and now the energy is the heroes life so you have to spend life to use abilities

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