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cards in a time period

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my game is a economics/war/politics card game.

my question is, since obviously a feudal era knight would not beat a 2410 neuclear space robot...thing...,
in a card game would it be a let down/turn off (or other choice!) if say one player decided to have an "ancient civilizations" themed deck, and you used a modern themed deck (nuclear strike included!) and you lost?
alternatively if one player used different era themed cards together and beat your future themed deck, would that also/instead upset you?

Also another question...since my game does involve politics, I was thinking, should I have special "leader" type cards, for example: democratic leader, corperate leader, republic, theocratic, monarchy, etc. etc. (no Anarchy im afraid, as for 1 there would not be an Anarchic leader, 2 the idea of the game is to NOT fall into anarchy especially since the current working title is "An end to Anarchy", 3 Anarchy is one of the ways to essentially "lose" the game.)

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I think that would depend on

I think that would depend on the tone of the game. If the game appears to expectme to take the theme seriously, unconvincing matchups would be a problem for me. Ancient warriors kicking laser-wielding-robot ass would be unconvincing.

If the theme is lighthearted and clearly meant to be taken seriously, I wouldn't mind. Then they would just be themed card decks.

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