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care to look? political/war card game "An end to Anarchy"

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Hey can anyone take a gander at my current "an end to anarchy" and tell me if I have any mistakes, flaws, inconsistancies, or anything else you can find?
Any ideas are also welcome.
also is there a difference between a CCG (collectable card game)
and a TCG (Trading card game)?
or are those just different ways to say the same thing?

I know it's not complete, and I still have some additions to make to it

(If you happen to notice my other game journal, pay no attention to it, as that version is totally obsolete, I just have not updated it in a while, and probably won't until after summer of next year...(mostly because when I force my best friend to help work on it I want to be there in its closer to completion than the book I am writing that it is based on...and that can't be right...)because there are some highly important changes coming, it needs playtesting to verify its current style, and...stuff.

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As far as I'm concerned, TCGs

As far as I'm concerned, TCGs and CCGs are the same thing.

I read through all of your rules for End of Anarchy, and I must admit that it all sounds rathering confusing. Cards seems to have a bunch of information that all appear to be relevant, so keeping track of it all is tough. Perhaps a more detailede step-by-step explanation would help, especially with how cards are played, what effects they have, and where they're put would help. Sample images of cards would certainly help too.

What I did read sounds very well thought out and well-structured. Writing a coherent rule set will help everyone here understand what you're trying to build, but doing so will also help you out too. Rock-solid rules will help when play testing if you ever come to a situation where a card does something that the rules can't handle.

I hope this helps. I wish I had more insightful thoughts. Happy designing!

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