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From CCG to LCG My game Reimagining... Your thoughts?

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After much research I have decided to convert my original game idea from CCG to LCG. There are 2 main reasons for this decision.

1) I just can not compete with the CCGs that are already on the market like MtG and Yugioh.

2) I have found it hard myself to get friends and family to play do to the sometimes overwhelming cost to stay competitive.

Now I must tell you that I have little experience with card games. To be honest I have only played two of them "Magic The Gathering" and "Yugioh". So I am not sure if there is already a game like this out there.

In this game their are no monster cards, your are the hero or villain depending on how you look at it. You have the ability to manifest weapons and defenses.

All cards have both an attack value and a defense value. To help with the flow of the game these cards can be use for either taking the form of a weapon for attack or disbursed into a protective shield of energy for defense.

As well, these cards my have Effects or abilities that are triggered with the activation of the card. Now this still allows for the ability to be turn specific such as the ability may only be activated during the players turn or during the opponents turn. The card itself can still be played regularly the ability being the only thing restricted.

The player will get one attack per turn. Now when attacking the player will place the attack card into play, this will act as the base for the attack phase. If the player so chooses they my boost this attack by playing more card on this attack card. Using a card this way will not activate the effect or ability of the card but the attack power of said card will be added to the attack power of the initial card. This process will also apply to defense as well. After a card has been played it is to be sent to the discard stack.

When a played receives damage, by their opponent over whelming their defense no matter the amount that player receives 1 point of damage and will be required to take the top card of their deck and place it to the side face up to represent the damage taken. The first player to receive 10 points of damage loses. This makes taking a point of damage even more precarious because you never know what card you will lose to the damage pile. To me this represents the weakening that occurs from being injured.

Now I have been a fan of the final fantasy games for years and I have decided to take an element from that, "LIMIT BREAK". Remember how the player discards a card from the top of their deck to a damage pile. The limit break system makes use of these cards. There will be certain card abilities that will require the activation of the cards of the damage stack. These requirements will require the player to activate a number of cards in this pile to activate the Limit break ability this can range from 1-9. The player activates these cards by flipping them over to symbolize their use, making taking damage intentionally a tactical choice. The player must have the required number of cards in their damage stack, and of those cards they may only use the cards not already activated.

Each player will start off with a 50 card deck (This will be the maximum deck size). At the start of the game each player will draw 5 cards from their deck to make up their hand and at the beginning of each turn they will draw an additional card. At the end of the players turn they may have no more than 5 cards in their hand and must discard cards to the discard stack until they are back down to 5.

Now my idea is that his game will be packaged as a 2 player game, containing 2 50 card decks 2 play mates and instructions. If the customer wishes to add more player they my buy additional individual decks or even another 2 player copy. As well there can be expansions that will add more cards opening up a deck building aspect.

Now this is where my head starts to hurt, I like the idea of having factions or card types such as MtG. I have developed 6 factions for this game. These factions will use specific weapon type and tactic or play styles. The question is how to package them.

Should I chose 2 and release the others a expansions.

Should I release multiple version of the two player game featuring the different factions with each faction deck available separately.

Or release a 2-6 player copy with all 6 factions

Thank you for you thoughts.


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Just some quick

Just some quick thoughts.

Having different factions seems like a good idea, but you may be ahead of yourself a little by thinking about packaging and releases. If it were me, I would put those thoughts on the backburner and focus on making the funnest game I could possibly make first, before choosing the number of cards and sets and factions and things.

Feel free to ignore this if you've already got this far, but the important thing is to get a single set of workable cards for playtesting and feedback around your core mechanic (which I think is the combat, based on above). You probably want to start small (1 factions, 1 or 2 abilities, 1 or 2 weapons), mock up enough cards so that you can play through an entire game and then have lots of people play through it. You'll get lots of useful feedback you'll want to incorporate, and that feedback will help steer the answers to these other questions.

Once you have 1 good faction that's workable, and mechanics that other people seem to enjoy, you can add more factions, but I'd start with the 1.

Sounds like an interesting project - good luck!

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