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Chess-like computer online game

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Joined: 04/28/2009

i was thinking of making various characters, with different abilities, that sit on a 10 by 10 spaces board, each team with a number of 15 units, the first to kill each other completely wins

they would have:

-hit points
-attack power
-Block(able to block)
-range- attack range
-Recovery: number of turns before they move again
-Effect: special effect it may have

im just not that good with balancing units "Stats" =( any help?

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I think you'll have to make a

I think you'll have to make a blind stab at initial values and then just go from there as you test it out.

For the base units vs the tougher units, you can think along the lines of, "On average, how many Peons should a Cavalier be able to fight before he dies?" and things like that, for adjusting hit points and combat stats. Base everything on comparison to your pawn. Then you can tweak against each other later; that's also where some special abilities can start being added to differentiate your bigger pieces from each other without just changing their combat stats.

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Joined: 04/28/2009

so i create my weak character, and then i start making a little better characters than him, then the really good ones.....

i also thought of abilities, like

freeze/paralize units, take control, posion/burn abilities, double attack, and stuff like that but i cant think of that many

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Joined: 06/19/2009
Sounds like a pretty basic

Sounds like a pretty basic idea and you don't have a critical hook. Remember, the concept of "checkmate" is very dynamic in chess - I think that without using it, or something in a similar vein, you're really not making a chess game and instead making a turn-based tactics game (which is clearly what's going on).

It sounds like you should play some Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre more and come up with a concept that really turns those games on their head (remember the "kill the leader" goals?). Failing that, find some chess variants to play ( and see what comes of that.

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Joined: 04/28/2009
then yes, im making like a

then yes, im making like a tactics game idea....

yeah i got the idea from Tactics arena,


i wanted to make a game since before, but its that they dont have many types of units, i wanted to make an online game where you have the chance of wining a unit every battle, and there would be like over 100 types of units that you would try to collect, while also having the best strategy for your people

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especially, have a look at
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I have played chess in the

I have played chess in the free games zones from over two years and it's one of my favorite.

I think if you can grab some knowledge from the programmers about how to implement and structure the code in a way that the computer skills get powerful enough to defeat human, then it would sure be fun to make it.

Henrywilliams (not verified)
sounds very interesting but

sounds very interesting but the tactics will be harder and intelligence will be tested to the limits and great deal for the chess and lovers ,because it has a combination of both .

Joined: 09/23/2009

I was thinking of making various characters, with different abilities, that sit on a 10 by 10 spaces board, each team with a number of 15 units, the first to kill each other completely wins
What you write above that nice
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Joined: 12/16/2009
I wrote a computer game ten

I wrote a computer game ten years ago that does exactly what you discuss. Not sure the reason for your post, but if you are interested in financing such a thing I still have the game engine sitting there idle.

As to programming the AI for this -- yes you are going to find a simple tree search algo not sufficient. It is easy to write AI that jumps a dozen moves ahead, albeit memory consuming. The problem is putting the thinking in the software to reflect all of the capable moves, and still give the human opponent a decent game.

The Chess variants page will have a lot of useful information for you.

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Joined: 12/19/2009
Zatikon: Free Turn-Based Strategy Game plays like Chess

I have been designing sprites for a game that fits perfectly into this topic.

"Zatikon" is a turn-based strategy game that plays like chess but features battle mechanics similar to D&D (character stats, action points, attack range, etc.)

It's a free game with online support for Windows, OSX and Linux support, so I'd encourage you to play/study it:

And also check out the trailer I made for the game just because it looks cool! :)

But back on topic, the goal of the game is to capture your opponent's castle, much like Chess (except the castle doesn't move). The core of the gameplay is selecting your unit lineup based on stats. Combining characters becomes the strategy, like using a "Tactician" unit in your lineup to offer +1 defense/attack to other units or a "Priest" to heal units.

The game is played online and includes a COOP mode to play with other online players (very cool) and of course a chat function so you can communicate with your teammate.

It's a very addicting game. Not graphically amazing (not my fault!) but has some pretty cool characters and spell animations :)

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100 units to balance is a lot

For 100 units, I think you have to think about formulas to convert a tested set of characters (from another game) to your own stats and rules. Then you go through categories and levels to group them together and have a reference. Try listing them by race or alignment from lowest to top. i.e. 8 Unit Undead Army would be like skeleton-zombie-ghost-werewolf-mummy-vampire-lich-demon. Then do the balancing by layer.

Remember that chess balances armies, but every piece is worth different. Center pawns are not worth the same as lateral ones, and your bishop in the same color square that the enemy king, is worth more than the other one. Unbalancing pieces on the same army aids with group strategy. No game of chess is won by a single piece (you cannot check-mate a single king with just a queen in the board).

But as some have said, and I agree, you need a serious twist to make your game original.

Might I suggest that you only command a single character of the army? You could be fighting or have the player character off the board casting spells into the board. That would be hard on the AI program, but you could reward the character for his deeds, providing him the level-up hook that is so basic to the RPG dynamic. You could start as a simple shield-bearer and finish off as a Royal Paladin, or start as a stinking skeleton and become the fierest demon above hell.

Keep thinking!

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