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Chron-Illogical: Roll the Dice, Scramble the the infocorn?

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Here is the big time post on BGG:

that link/thread has a rules document for my new card/dice behemoth called Chon-Illogical. The concept? You collect historical figures and items but temporal fluxes might destroy them.

ChronIllogical uses a 5d6 engine for resource points generation with a kick: big time power cards (non-collectable format) cost you one of your Clock dice to a common pool Once the pool hits critical mass, all dice are rolled on a "Paradox" and many cards played to the table may be destroyed.

I need some help with the following:
1) Anyone who can give some good jumping off for non-US/non-Euro history, especially ancient stuff-- and
2) Writers for cards. I have some ready, but with two kids and a crazy job, my writing down-time is hard to come by.


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You can get surprisingly far

You can get surprisingly far using Wikipedia. For ancient Western history, start with the Biblical progression:


China is a study to itself, but so far as globally significant empires go, you can gloss over the rest, thanks mostly to the Khans, who neatly consolidated all of Asia (excepting Korea and Japan) in the early medieval period. So if the version of history you're trying to tell is, "Where did the people around today come from?" which is the usual mode of storytelling, it's pretty much little local kingdoms being swallowed up by the aforementioned bigger powers. Southern Africa and the Americas are sort of frustrating because they didn't interact with the rest of the world like the kingdoms along the Silk Road, so incorporating them gives you several not-really-connected stories to tell.

For gaming purposes, I say try to figure out which legendary figures from the big empires were the most important, and probably real, giving preferential treatment to women.

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Gamer Historian Chicks Rule

My first set, the roll-out if you will (dice pun gleefully intended), is the big names, really. Venus of Wallendorf through Wikipedia, 4.5 Billion years of history in 200 cards.

I like that the African/Meso-Americans can port in kind of like how the MTG storyline goes off the rails sometimes for other planes, a la Ravnica or Homelands. That's how I intend to treat their histories. The Alpha-Female one was another expansion planned; again, WAY ahead of myself here, but still good to have an eye out and answer ready for that kind of criticism.

So wanna help me write some stuff?

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I'd love to help.

I'd love to help.

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