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Component Suggestions Please

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Hey all, first time poster here. I've been reading the boards for a while, but now it's time for my first post!

I'm working on my very first game, and so far it seems to be coming along very nicely. However, I've run into my first hurdle, and am hoping for some feedback. :)

The mechanic I have in my game is that a "Player" (human) can use any "Character" (in game) they want on their turn, as long as they have not been previously used in the round. There are 5 Characters, and the game supports 2-5 players. So, on my turn, there could be 2 Characters that are Used, and 3 that are Ready. I choose which one I want to use, based on Readiness, and which Actions each of the Ready Characters can do.

Also, each Character can become Sick at different points in the game, which can also be healed.

So, the hurdle I have is, I'm trying to come up with a component that can show Used/Ready as well as Sick/Healthy. On top of that, they can change position (changing which Actions they have available to them)... so the sickness marker needs to be able to travel with the Character (placing a sickness cube in front of the character, for example, is not what I want to do).

This may be too confusing, so please ask if you'd like clarification. Thanks!! :D

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Could you just orient the

Could you just orient the card depending on its status?

Used: turn horizontal
Sick: turn upside down
Ready: normal vertical orientation

Joined: 09/12/2013
I don't know why my brain

I don't know why my brain didn't go to cards... that would work really well...

4 short edges of the cards:

Ready / Healthy
Ready / Sick

Used / Healthy
Used / Sick

I like it. Thanks!!

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