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Cooperative/Competitive game concept

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I've recently worked out an idea of a game and am looking for some feedback from others.

The game is set in a world where magic is so abundant that it overflows creating Mana Disasters. You and the other players act as casters fighting among themselves to seal these Mana Disasters in hopes of saying you are the best of the best.

Game play is relatively simple. You as a player choose a Charm and it's corresponding pre-built deck based on traits. Love, Courage, Dreams (as in hopes for the future). Then each player is randomly dealt 4 Mana Disasters that are dealt into their deck. On your turn you draw card and play one face down as a resource this lets you play other cards from your hand that match your resource value or are lower then it. You can counter other peoples cards and there are cards that stay on the table and continuously give effects. If a player draws a Mana Disaster they must immediately play it. Mana Disasters would have big effects that hurt all players. At this point all players would want to get rid of it or in the games case seal it. However only one person can seal it. The one who does collects the card and the first player to seal 4 Mana Disasters wins the game.

It's rough I know but I need feedback to see if I should continue down this path or rework some of the ideas out.

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Actually, this sounds like a

Actually, this sounds like a strategic game that I might play.
It sounds like young kids could play it as well. Correct?

The fact that you have 4 disaster cards with each player and a player wins if he/she beats 4 disasters gives me a feeling of a well thought game. A minimum of disaster cards could remain.

Love, Courage, Dreams? I don't like that. But that is my opinion ;). You did mention that players are attacking each other?
Are you going to use mana colours?
How are the mechanics? Is it like MtG?

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Some reworks

So i was thinking about why players would be attack each other and i came up with an idea. What if the mana disasters were in a central deck. On the first turn it is flipped over. You try and seal it. If you can not then the bad stuff happens to you and the next player gets a shot. Plot Twist: Some mana disasters if unsealed hurt all players. Do you help someone get closer to wining or do you take the consequences?

If not and I keep it with 4 in each deck i need an idea of why they attack each other while they wait for the disaster to show up.

The decks are dual. Every deck has two sides. Love/Lust, Courage/Rage, Dreams/Fears, and Knowledge/Ego. The charms are suppose to reflect one strong trait within you. So if you feel that you have big dreams for the future you got your deck. If you like to scare people and use there fears against them you got the same deck, just the other side.

The idea behind the attack and counter system is 4 colors Red,Blue,Green, and Black. They represent 4 different energies. In order to seal a disaster or counter another card you must have at least one matching energy. Then the values of all energies are added and compared. Higher value wins.

Welcome to ideas and ready to answer any more questions.

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I think we just don't see

I think we just don't see enough of your traits in the theme and actions. I am expected to be assaulting other characters, how does Love or Dream deck work with that?
I believe it *can* be done, but players need to clearly see the reasons for it, it should be fairly logical and work with other game's aspects.

Other than that it seems good to me. I'd really inspect if the disaster mechanic works well, allowing other players to take a swing, its randomness etc.

Maybe you could describe some strategies/tactics in the game a player can employ, as right now I don't see much decision-making here, but it's very possible you just didn't mention a lot of things.

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First idea

I think I prefer your first idea in that the disasters are dealt into the player's decks rather than placed in a central deck. I am not sure how much it changes your game, but if more than 1 player can seal the disaster, then the motivation for attacking another player would be to prevent that player from sealing.

I see a couple of potential issues...

Could there ever be so many disasters on the table that the players are too crippled by the negatives to effectively seal the disasters?

Is it possible for a disaster to emerge that cannot be sealed? Possibly due to a card being needed that is not in any of the decks being played?

Are there any other victory conditions that would encourage players to NOT seal disasters?

Good luck with your design!

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