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Creating top view pictures

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Well, I have posted an old picture of my tank somewhere on this site. But I need to go on with my study on art.
After 1 week of searching I finally found something interesting to read:

Now my question is: What do you think about top view pictures?

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Top view board games

voodoodog does only top-view games. His boards look amazing. Unfortunately Planet Pioneer doesn't show much:

Check out this thread for one of the top-view boards:

He uploaded a bunch of those top-view boards... I haven't spoken to him in a while. He sent me a sample dungeon which looked pretty cool. He has not been *active* on this site either...

Here is another top-view game he was working on:

Anyhow if you are looking for top-view artwork, you should speak with him (voodoodog). Maybe send him a PM and see if he responds. I'm sorry I can't just share an e-mail address (unless he allows me to do so)...

He may have sent me other samples of the top-view boards for "Take A Hike!"... I remember there being more than just one...

He really had top-view games *mastered*... Even "Town Builder" looks amazing from the samples he posted!

Anyhow when I saw his *stuff* I knew I wanted to be in contact with him... So we e-mail for another project of mine (but it didn't go very far - I put it on hold). One of the last things I did was just confirm to him that I liked the "Dungeon" Top-View tiles he had designed...

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Meanwhile I also checked GTA

Meanwhile I also checked GTA I and II.
It seems that the shoulders are a bit smaller, but put to the back compared to the head.
Then the hands are in front just as much as the shoulders are in the back. This might work, but I have to try it out.

Sometimes the backbone is shown as well.
I could make my soldiers crouch a bit. (is that the right word?) But standing like that all day will give them a hernia.

Drawing most Infantry are now not a problem. I simply have to get started.
Sniper might get a commando hat instead of a helmet.
Only my Grenadier will show some trouble. How to make it look like a default stand, while also showing that he will be throwing grenades. A backpack perhaps, just like the Worker?
I also need to take into account that tanks and jeeps are going to be bigger then the infantry. Some might even stand in the jeeps.

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