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Design concept: segment cards

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As well as finishing one of my games to publish at the end of this year, I am also thinking about future games to produce early next year. One of my ideas is for a exploration game from the Columbus period. Since its a card game I needed some sort of component to go with it to represent a player's ship/colony/resources. So, here's my idea(currently dubbed "segment cards"). In the deck of cards there are special cards that are divided into three parts. These cards have "cut" lines that separate the different parts. When people buy the game, they simply cut along these lines to form simple, but elegant components. Most cards would be separated into three parts, but some would be only two.

Some of you may ask this question: "Why would smaller cards improve game play?". Well using this system would reduce any costs our company could run into during the production step. Also, if players needed a way to see where their colonies are located, smaller cards that can fit on standard sized cards are the obvious choice(for a game without counters/chits/wooden bits)!

So here's my question. Do any of you think this idea would sell? What are the pros and cons of this idea? Would you personally like this concept?
Thank you for your help/suggestions on my previous topic, the ideas you all gave were great!


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I wouldn't buy a game where I

I wouldn't buy a game where I have to cut anything. Punching stuff out is acceptable. Even assembling things stuff like the Wallenstein tower or the Pirates collectible styrene ships is okay. Cutting stuff is a deterrent. I also think a cut up card would look cheap and detract from the game. The corners would be rounded on some sides but not others. The cuts wouldn't be straight. The cut edge would look different.

You can get components for 1 cent each. I can't see how a card even when cut into thirds is that cheap.

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Hard to Shuffle

I agree with MusedFable that this would look and feel cheesy to users. Also, such cut cards would be difficult to shuffle (if your game requires them to be randomized). I realize you're trying to keep your costs down, but I don't think this plan will get you good reviews. You're probably better off to bite the bullet and use either cardboard tiles or complete but smaller cards for these bits.

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Two thumbs down

The cards may be simple, but they will *not* be elegant. Agree that cardboard chits are needed.

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You might as well make it

You might as well make it print-and-play in my mind.

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