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Designing a wargame story for 2 players

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Just a bit...

X3M wrote:
questccg wrote:

It's just an IDEA. If you don't like it... I'll move-on.
Bad day?

Kind of... In a strange kind of way.

I just F-en realized that IF I order one (1) Pallet of Boxes... Where am I going to SHIP IT??? Anyhow ... neither here nor there.

What I meant to say @X3M ... I won't pursue the topic or idea ... If it's something you DON'T LIKE. If it's partially okay... Well then I can maybe expand on it. But if you say NO. I understand. In the end it's YOUR game...

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If people walk over you

You are bound to make mistakes.
And they have more to walk over you.

Communication is also important.

Have you seen further ahead, my proposal of your idea. But changed, so it would be fitting my game better? And see the times of posting.

Your bad day made you not look at the whole story.
The original and pure idea wont work. But an adjustment might.

Heck, I even made a separate topic about the multiple resources. Not sure yet where that would direct.

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A new mission that can be randomly put in

I thought of a mission similar to one of the very first requirements. This is a recuring theme in one of the oldest RTS games. Destroy all AA and your air units are avaiable to you.

I can do the same for when facing one of the locals. If all their AA is destroyed. The player can get access to an air unit. The other player is punished by automatically having an anti air unit.

The air unit will be able to attack anything.
The anti air unit will be able to attack only the air.

Air units do tend to be more expensive due to their propulsion attribute.
Can move over land, water AND obstructions.

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That said

What if I do not use the cards. But simply give all the quests at the same time? Players are free to choose as they see fit. The other player should simply follow up on what they are doing.
And once a particular mission is done. It can be reset to a new random location.

This way, the players will also get more forces to command. Eventually, one might be conquering all of the map. And then simply overrun the other player.
Then again, a stalemate has been very common in other wars that we played.

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The mission where a player can conquer a thief unit is changed. The players can now aim for a device that is added to a squad. The story goes that the victims see your enemies instead. And thus they pick your side. If the device is destroyed while your squad surrounds it, you are caught.
This removes the tedious task of taking enemy units. Which complicated tracking.

Another mission is added.
Escort a device from one to another place. So it becomes "complete" and you get your tech reward.

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