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On dungeon crawls and board design

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Hey there,

I've been working on a dungeon crawl-like game concept lately, and I can't really decide which way to go on the question of board design. The game in it's basic layout admittedly borrows from the popular Descent games, meaning a group of heroes fights fights their way through dungeons to defeat the Dungeon Master and his minions.

If I can stick through to the end, I was thinking about a free print & play release, meaning that all the necessary game material should fit on a few sheets of paper. In addition to this, and this is already sort of day-dreaming, I had the idea of maybe using a site like [url][/url] to print and sent higher quality material to interested parties on a 'one copy per order'-base.

Now, to the actual topic, I quite like the way you can build up different Descent dungeons from the same individual parts, and I want to use a similar system. What I haven't decided on yet, is the shape of these board parts (square? hexagon? differently shaped and sized?), and the means to connect them (puzzle-style?). And for the publishing methods mentioned above, they'd have to be rather easily printable, usable and cheap.

Phew, that's rather text for such simple questions, don't you think? In any case, I'd be very eager to hear your ideas.

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Good old fashioned rectangles

For ease of printing and assembling, you could simply create a grid (1" squares) on an 8.5x11 piece of paper (leaving a little space for margins of course) and then draw in irregular buildings/walls/rocks/pits/etc on them. Assemble the pages however you like to create a new dungeon every time.

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1" grid

You could get something like this: That might make the tiles easy to come by.

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