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Head to Head battle

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I really don't know what the word 'mechanics' refers to, but I think it means the way the game works in combination with any pieces. I worked real hard to naturally come up with a fairly fresh game mechanic, without doing any real research, before I did any research. I just loved making the game. After doing some basic research I would have to say it is fresh, but not new I am certain (without proof). :)

Shouldn't the mechanic of a game kind of come naturally, in the beginning leading to the intricate and more complicated activities? I find that as I focused on keeping this first game, the starter deck, simple - I found that I have to keep my eye on the more complicated features of the expanded game. I found a need for a new stat on the Fighter card. I need this first release to work with the expansion which is more complicated.

As an artist I know a piece is never finished, but as a designer I know that production has to end and so a finish point is chosen for you if you don't do it in time for yourself. I am nervous that I am going to miss something that I needed to do/create but missed during the alpha testing of the fully expanded game.

Yup - So there you go

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Think of mechanics. As a couple of gears connected.
1 leads to another.

The gears need to go smoothly. No weird shapes and all.

Here is a mechanic for combat resolution:
- Check statistics table for number of dice to roll.
- Roll the number of dice.
- Compare results with the statistics table.
- Remove or change pieces on the board.

Sometimes, one wants to make a mechanic simpler:
- By removing the table.
- Lowering the number of dice. Even 0 is an option?
- less pieces on the board means less removing, placing or changing.
- Changing pieces could be removed from the mechanics.

The specialists here can tell you much, much, more about how to look at mechanics. I am only a simple amateur that stopped playing board games.

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Here is a "somewhat" complete list of mechanics

It's not complete... It doesn't have my own WIP mechanic of "Engine Building" and I'm sure other Game Designers will chime in saying it is "missing" other mechanics also... But for the most part this is an excellent starting point in learning more about Game Mechanics and how they are used in Table Top Gaming.


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it can be hard to not have

it can be hard to not have your game grow to a behemoth behind your back (i find it particularly hard to limit the number of cards in a deck).
i can appreciate the desire to have your next x expansions all planned and ready to print, as soon as the base game hits the shelf. its a trap i, and many others have fallen into.
for some designers this is a good idea. maybe the expansion is sold separately to keep the base game stream lined and/or cheaper for new customers. maybe the expansions are a continuation of the story. maybe tne expansion is "good but not essential stuff". or more often " if we sell it in 2 boxes we can make twice the cash"
the problem is that you cant sell an expansion for a game that no one has bought.
it is better, if you can, to make your base game, its mechanics and terminology flexible enough to make expansions possible. t future proof it.
as a random example, adding that extra stat.
if the stat isn't used (or is rarely used) in the base game it shouldn't be there.
lets say its movement speed, but your other mechanics mean its largely irrelevant. instead of making that stat, future expansions that would need a speed score use the more flexible, "power" stat that was there from the start (maybe for combat).
or add "speed" but use it more in the base game ( say for movement) and in an expansion as an additional use (now some cards have an initiative order, and speedier players,play first)
you can add speed as a new stat entirely but it shouldn't appear on any new versions of an old card type. ie if none of your characters had base speed, the new characters shouldn't either. instead they can now obtain "boots" that give them the new stat.

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