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How to call this weapon?

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The factor
I decided on having the factor of 2/3th. Or 67% balancing costs.
This means that for the 1 and 2 health targets, this concussive attack is a better option.
3 health is the most optimal health, seeing as how both the concussive and a normal die would have the same result in the long run.
4 health or more will simply be targetted by normal dice.

Purely, concussive will have an upper hand. But in the long run, mixing up with normal die. And the 1 and 2 health will get the upper hand. Only if a player eventually goes purely concussive the 1 and 2 health are a bad choice.

Now the fun part starts.
Having a normal die in combination with 1 concussive hit will yield the player able to make a snipe on 5 health. It is only 17% chance though.

No bonus
A concussive hit will not get a 50% bonus against bigger targets. There are more rules included now. But all are simpler yes/no rules.
- Target should be bigger.
- Whole enemy squad should be bigger.
- Both sides need to battle at the same time.

The other 2 choices after some play tests
It is possible that the concussive weapons are to weak or too strong in the given tactics. So 2 options remain.
60% costs or 75% costs. Meaning 10 or 8 dice instead of 9 dice compared to the 6 normal dice.

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