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How Did you Do It?

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The Magician
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kj wrote:In theory, there is

kj wrote:
In theory, there is no creative difference between watching TV and reading a book.

I'll grant that is not usually true in practice. :)

Hmmmm, how does the theory go?

Television begs people to be consumers; not creators. It carves them down and apeals to the lowest form of our humanity. It apeals to our sexuality, the human-drama, petty emotions, petty BS, and alround dumbing down effect and getting worse. Comedy and cartoons are getting sleazyer. It's tragic! There is nothing anyone can do about it accept ignore it. The mediocre majorety- "the sheeple" love it because that is their only mode of thought. They are so lacking of mind there whole way of thinking is shaped by tv. Vary tragic our society. It dose nothing to apeal to human genious and inspiration. Like I said it works to kill the creator and is all about the consumer. Whenever I happen to be in front of a tv I notice that everything is always moveing hold your attention. Forgive me for ranting fellow creaters. This really causes me to drink, the way most people think. And how can we have democracy when the majority is special buss stupid.

Books are far creatively better. They make you use imagination in visualizing the scene and give endless inspiration for themes and stories in games. Books don't have commercials and don't work to dumb people down and don't proliferate consumerism. BTW, I was thinking about some phrases used in game instruction booklets. I hate the phrase "consumer-assembly" required. Yes in a way we are the consumer having bought the thing. But I find it rather insulting. That is why I don't go to Cosco anymore because the environment is set up in a way that I feel to much like a consumer and must leave. It's gross!

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