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How many games are you working on right now?

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RacNRoll Gaming
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Joined: 05/12/2010

As Pastor Mora always says "Keep thinking"...and that really is good sound advice...the problem is that at some point you are thinking about too many things at once to get anything "done"

I currently have ...wait for it.....15 games in some state of active development (probably another 10 in the "scrap" pile that haven't been thrown away yet just in case I want to revisit them)

This wouldn't be such an issue if I hit the lottery and can quit my job and hire some folks to help out LOL

Is it just me or do others out there have a lot of balls in the air?

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Joined: 05/31/2010
I thought I had a few ... I

I thought I had a few ...

I have
* 1 at open play test
* 1 at closed play test
* 2 at design brainstorming

Joined: 07/29/2008
Game Status

3 in semi-active development and lots in the "scrap" pile like you've mentioned.

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Joined: 08/11/2008
current projects

From the top of my head, probably forgetting many, and ignoring projects that have been dead for very long (as in more than a few months) or that are only a few lines of notes in some textfile "for later" (as in "probably never").

Game expansion in final playtesting: 1
Board game design actively worked on, with partial prototype and rules: 1
Game expansions in discussions/planning stage (but others will/might design, for my game): 2
Miniature game system in my head but not yet anything even written down ("tomorrow..."): 1

Also usually some digital game hobby projects going on, although at the moment there is at most one that I could honestly classify as still being an active project with some chance of being completed.

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Joined: 07/21/2008
Games I'm working on

I love lists like these, but mostly I like to hear WHAT games people are working on... Here's my current list:

Game Development

Ground Floor, by David Short
A worker placement. resource management game about Entrepreneurship. I haven't done anything with it in a little while, but I worked on developing it with the designer for 8 or so months and it's ready to go into production. Tasty Minstrel plans to publish this next year, if we can get everything worked out with the designer.

Game Design - playable prototypes

Eminent Domain
A space civ game with role selection and deck building as the main mechanisms. I call it the next evolution in Deck Building. Tasty Minstrel will be publishing this as well, and we're about to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund that - stay tuned!

Odysseus: Winds of Fate
Based on a Game Design Showdown entry from user Nando a few years ago. A hand management game where you play The Fates, betting on the outcome of Odysseus' adventures and then trying to influence the outcome so your best pay off. I have tried a couple versions of this, and am all ready to go with the latest incarnation. If it doesn't work like I want it to this time, I might give up on the design, or gut it and start over some other way.

All For One
My oldest realistic project, co-designed with David Brain (Scurra) right here on BGDF. A pickup/deliver game about The Three Musketeers. There's something not quite right about this game, I vow to see it published one day!

Wizard's Tower
Another co-design with local friend John Heder. Sort of an abstract game about summoning and moving apprentices around the board, and building and attacking towers which give you points and powers. Feels Colvini-ish.

Reading Railroad
Another co-design effort with BGDF member Scott Slomiany (doho123). A connection/set collection game with word building and a mild train theme, intended to be a game a wordsmith and a person who's bad at word games can play together and both enjoy.

Game Design - well developed idea stage

Alter Ego
Based on a KublaCon game design contest entry called Heroic Deeds. Play as a Batman-style hero, but to make yourself a stronger crime fighter you must neglect certain aspects of your alter ego life. Heroic Deeds was more of a storytelling game, Alter Ego is more like a eurogame.

Dynasty: the spread of Culture in Ancient China
Establish Villages and develop technological advances, trading with other players as necessary. The more you trade with others, the more you infuse your culture into theirs, or their culture into yours. At the end of the game, whoever's culture is best represented, wins.

Red Colony
A resource flow management game about colonizing mars, in a pseudo-realistic way (based on The Case For Mars). Possible other titles: The Case For Mars, Mars Direct.

Game Design - early idea stage

Hot and Fresh
Pickup/deliver/press-your-luck Pizza Delivery game. Might change the theme to Taxi Cabs. Break traffic laws to deliver pizzas faster for bigger tips, but the more recklessly you drive, the greater chance you'll get busted!

Moctezuma's Revenge
A deduction game about finding treasure in Aztec temples, but some of them are cursed!

There are a few others but I haven't thought about them in a while...

  • Investigative Journalism
  • Dating
  • Airlines and Airports
  • TV networks

Most of these are old, the CURRENT ones are Eminent Domain and Winds of Fate, with recent thoughts and movement on All For One and Alter Ego.

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In the course of a year I have about 15 different games that are played by other people, plus perhaps 5 I've only played myself, plus many others that I work on to some extent or other, plus many that are in some state of suspension or neglect.

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Games I'm working on

Since game design is basically a hobby for me, none of my games have reached a production stage or so far been blind playtested... However, a few are at the stage where they could easily be released as P&P.

Close To Completed Games

These are games which are fully playable, have been playtested more than once, and have been fun to play. In my opinion they are ready for blind playtesting (possibly alpha P&P versions).

  • Mini Gammon On Steroids A quick 2-player backgammon-inspired game with a randomly configured board and various bells & whistles.
  • Set Collection Exploration Game A multi-player set collection card game based on exploring a board, with some opponent screwage mechanisms.

Games Under Active Development

Games which have been playtested more than once, were fun, but definitely need more work.

  • Worker Placement Adventure Game A multi-player resource collection game themed around meeting adventure challenges on a map.

Games on the Back Burner

These are games which have been playtested once or more and show some promise, but I'm not working on them right now.

  • Playing Card CCG A set of CCG rules for use with ordinary playing cards.
  • The Immortal Ritual A multiplayer backgammon game with cards & randomly configured board. Themed around different Immortal Powers organising their Minions to control the Earth. The precursor to the Mini Gammon On Steroids game.
  • Dungeon Yahtzee Solitaire or multiplayer dice-rolling dungeon fest.
  • Cliques Dominion ripoff set in a school.
  • Squad Fight Innovative squad level fighting game.

Untested Games

These are games where I've written the rules but they haven't (yet) been playtested.

  • Bit Wars Small-scale strategy battle game using tiles.

Nice Ideas

Ideas I'd like to work further on before playtesting.

  • Machination I really like the idea (poached from a previous GDS entry Illuminati) of a game themed around Machiavellian factions, where players win by influencing the outcome of geopolitical events, and have secret objectives. My take on this is a wargame fought between different nations; players choose the locations and outcomes of battles.

Blimey! That's loads!

Joined: 10/06/2010
Like my bookshelves

Working on multiple projects is like having bookshelves of books. In my house, my wife and I have shelves for books that we haven't read, but will some day. We have a shelf of books we'd like to read soon. And we have the shelf or two of books we're reading right now. That shelf can also be broken down. There are probably five books I'm actually reading right now, and five books that I whimsically pick up every once and a while. Of course there is always the ONE book that I good and truly reading right now. Working on games and like projects is the same way. There are certain game ideas that have to sit back in the mind and develop, because if you invest too much thought into them, then they eat up all the project time you should be spending on that one game your currently finishing up. And of course, there are the three other games that are being developed on both paper and in the forefront of my mind.
If I didn't work on ten things at once, I wouldn't get anything done. Because I tend to obsess about things for a day or two. With four to ten projects going on at once, I can go from project to project with no lag time. If I don't have enough projects, I will obsess for a couple of days, and then stare at the wall for a few, as I'm not in the mood to work on one of the other projects, cause there is too few.
But that's just my process.

Joined: 01/26/2009
Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

I have currently 72 games in development.

6 are in conceptualization (ideas and mechanics with a theme and board element to tie them together into something playable),
6 are in the math analysis stage of conceptualization (the elements are there, but need to figure out how many cards of which type, probabilities of die rolls, number of board spaces based on size of graphics and playability for number of pieces, etc...),
16 are in development, finalizing prototype requirements (how in-depth do the graphics need to be, can I use card sleeves or printed cards, color, not color, where can I find tokens/pieces/markers/tiles, etc...),
9 are ready to be prototyped (I just have to sit down for arts-and-crafts time to make the thing),
18 are prototyped to be test played (only one day a week right now),
7 are prototyped, test played and undergoing revisions (this is an extensive process, as many of you know...),
2 are finished product (enough to submit),
8 are too broken to continue development (need either to be completely retooled or scrapped).

My games vary in a wide range from full-day strategy with many components, to games made with standard decks of playing cards with 4 rules. I have combined bridge and poker into a playable game and 17 other poker variants (not included in the total above). I also have written 7,714 varied alternate MtG CCG cards, some of which were heavily in consideration in their last two "create the card" contests through the WotC website. Many of my games have adaptable themes (I have one that could be a medieval conquest/viral infection/pirate raider/space war/business takeover game - all with the same rules and mechanics, just different delineations for the piece names, actions on the cards, and board graphics).

I sit up at night and will conceptualize 10-20 different games per week, and throw away all but 3 of them, eventually only developing 1 of them.

When I do the Monthly GDS, I do not read the contest. I look up the last day for submissions, and do not read the requirements until 48 hrs before the deadline, and challenge myself (not to come up with graphics, rules and a playable game - I can do that in 48 hrs), but to WIN with that game.

I can't help it - I have a compulsion to create games, and currently, I am going for a second degree in Software Engineering so that I can create iphone and ipad (and Blackberry and droid) apps of board and card games I have developed for mass market with myself as the publisher.

I am also entering the ProtoSpiel Contest.

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Oh, boy… well, here I go

I have a “finished” design about the Falklands War that will hopefully be released for the 30th anniversary in 2012 if the negotiation for government support is successful (

I’m blind-playtesting Roman Emperors right now ( and waiting for Seth (to stop running into so much great games, so as) to pick it up. :)

I’m designing the next remake of a very popular local Risk variant for the publisher.

I’m also always trying to devote myself to the game I truly love (a wargame called Doomsday 12:00) that most probably won’t see the light of day, but it’s relaxing and enjoyable on a personal level (

I’ve promised a developer from Singapore I’ll work on a remake of my Romance of the Three Kingdoms game (“inspired” in the HeroCard system) but I can’t find the time to do it properly.

I’m hopefully proofreading/playtesting a game for a fellow forum designer next week.

I should start working on my Point Blank Range concept ( since a local publisher showed interest in it if I could make a variable board and a 2-4 players setup.

But this is nothing… I can do this in my spare time, from midnight to 2.00 in the morning :P

Keep thinking! :)

Joined: 04/18/2009
Well I have about 30 games in

Well I have about 30 games in various stages. Al from just a "this would be nice and might work like this" to almost compleat rules.

I also have 6 games that are in playtesting at the moment or are ready to start playtesting.

And curently one game submitted to a publisher.

Evil ColSanders
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Joined: 12/08/2010
And I thought I had a lot... -_-;;

Arcana Victoriana: Victorian Steampunk skirmish game. Needs characters for all factions and stats for each. Just need 3 characters from 1 faction and 3 from another to hopefully have enough diversity to properly playtest. EDIT: I have the characters now. I just have to playtest once to decide where to go from there.

Barnyard Brawl: Farm Animal skirmish game. Has characters but needs stats and a dice mechanic that is simple with very little additional variables.

Time Traveller Game: Boardgame. Mechanics all worked out. I have to come up with 63+ event cards with A and B options, then playtest. On back burner.

CAPTCHA: Entered in December design contest. Rules worked out. Currently in playtesting.

Joined: 01/06/2010
Seems like I'm the only one

who is working on only one game. I have been working on this game for about 6 months now.
I don't see how I could work on that many games at one time so congratulations to you guys! ;-)

I have been working on a game that involves bidding, building and lots of dirty tactics :-)
I worked for years in the computer game industry so working on this for a change is a whole new challenge!

I wonder how you guys keep yourself motivated to work through the whole process of the one game ?

Joined: 07/28/2008
Here's my 2 cents.

Working on 2

1 - A Steampunk resource collecting game
2 - a Civ-lite deck building game ala Dominion - ready for serious play testing to iron out bugs, kinks and balancing issues for all 4 ways to win ( if anyone want to play test feel free hit me up for rules and the cards - all 200ish of them)

Also have a few other ideas to work on:
a space race game
an Evil Genius game
a Victorian era Supernatural co-op game (been working on for years - in the too hard basket at the moment);.

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Games in development

Well, let's see now...

Expansions (Railways of the World)

I have a published expansion to Eagle Games' Railways of the World that should be hitting stores any day now. That one's not under development any more, but it sets the stage for these:

Railways of the U.S.A.

This is an "expansion to an expansion", building off the just-released Railways of the Western U.S.. This one is likely to be published, but nothing's ever certain until it's a reality. (The name is not final, either.)

Railways of the Continental U.S

This is a little expansion map for Railways of the World: completely unofficial, and quite likely not to be published. I'm working on it so that Helen and I will have a good two-player map for evenings at home.

Original Designs

Most of these are in the early design or early prototype stages. Lately I've been strong on cool-sounding ideas (well, they sound cool to me, anyway) but weak on sitting down and doing the hard work to develop them. But here's what's been on my mind:

Golden Horde

An area-majority game based on Genghis Khan's trade policies. Caravans from outside the Mongol Empire wander freely through its regions. Your job is to attract them to regions under your control. (Not a war game, which is sure to disappoint some people given the game's name, I guess.)


This is a disaster-management game in which you acquire "white elephants" which are expensive to keep. You gain VPs for successfully keeping them and lose VPs (heavily) for failing. While I like the edge-of-the-cliff nature of the scoring, the mechanisms for acquiring elephants and maintaining them need work.


Bitten by the deck-building bug, I've been sketching ideas for a civilization-building card game. Not sure yet if this design will differ enough from existing games to be worth developing.


An economic development game where players compete to make money building an outpost on a distant planet. Gain efficiency at the cost of risk by speculating in the materials market.


A sort of area-majority economic engine game, where you advance your business by doing business, thus gaining the trust of the communities where you trade. You must balance the best monetary deals against the less-lucrative but trust-building deals you could make elsewhere.

Heir and Regent

A two-player card game that's one of my oldest designs. Seth is gonna kill me someday if I don't finish this one, but I've never been happy with it. Every few months I remember it, go look at it some more, and occasionally have a bright idea. Maybe someday it will be publishable; don't hold your breath.

Spatial Delivery

This one was developed from a Game Design Showdown here at BGDF, and went on to win a design contest at KublaCon in 2007 (IIRC). It is my most finished and polished design. But despite the judges' enthusiasm, it has not found a publisher and I've decided there's good reason for that. I'm now trying to rework one of the core mechanisms to lend more interaction and tension to the game.

The Slush Pile

My slush pile contains dozens and dozens of ideas: ideas I never developed, ideas I flirted with then dropped, and ideas I developed heavily and then dropped.

I need to pick one of the better designs listed above, and just focus hard on it for a while. But lately it's been difficult to find the time.

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Games in Development

I've decided to focus on just a few games and leave the other completely until those few are done.


Infection Express - releasing version 2 "Secondary Infection" tomorrow on BGG as pnp. This version improves the dice rolling mechanics, adds more choices for the player, and a 2 player competitive/co-op mode.

City of Guilds - the version up on BGG is out of date. White Goblin games have been looking at that version for a year now, and I'm giving up hope to a certain extent. Another publisher approached me, both with ideas to improve the game and a request to look at it if White Goblin don't want it. So I've got a completely new version nearly done, that is substantially different from the earlier version, and assuming White Goblin answer my emails the new version will be going to the other publisher after Christmas.

Cactus Creek - so with those two out of the way soon I'll be able to concentrate on my Wild West themed worker placement game Cactus Creek. If anything I think the core of this game shows the most promise out of any of my games, but it is very rough around the edges still and need some serious time spent on it. This was the game White Goblin originally contacted me about, based just on the scarce details currently on BGG

Untitlled "Port Rummy" - In my mind this is Le Havre Rummy, not that I've played Le Havre, but this is how I envisage this game. The rummy mechanics allow you to generate goods that you then upgrade or sell. You can also build dockside buildings to allow these upgrades and there's a fairly fluid pricing mechanic for the goods.

Oil in the Desert - started this for the Giants competition a couple of years ago, but it only feels like half a game. So I have some ideas on how to impove it. It's going to turn out almost like a train game in some ways, with pipelines being built and technologies researched.

Other ideas - I have some other half formed ideas laying around, "The Tower" and resource management game for 1-4, and "Escape Pod" and single player game in some ways similar to Robot Rally.

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Joined: 03/23/2009
1 game for 37 years

Just one game for me...I am working on a couple we will publish, But I have only one game I ever really wanted to bring to life.
I've been working on a social " society building " Roll playing board game for the past 37 years. Technology has just recently made the game possible. I first thought of this game back in 1973 as just a Board Game. Around 1975 I saw , bought and played my first game of D&D. I then added the role play part to the game. I used it in parts as a game model for a political science project. And I had visions of grandeur of colleges being able to challenge one another. (Kind of like a super chess club for mega nerds). The size and scope of the game as a complete game is too large, It is made of many module parts that over lay other parts. Each Module has a profound effect on all other modules. Thus one group of players can do things that has an effect on other players playing a different game on the same map somewhere else.
I see the game system as a flower...Something very simple and beautiful to see and experience...but once you observe the flower objectively it becomes an extremely complex study.

I have volumes written and rewritten on the game...have played it on several of its I have to figure out how to run with all its parts. Maybe in another life time.

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games in development

I always seem to get my new game ideas while I'm working on another game, which makes it more difficult to finish the original game. (or any of them :( )

POND FARR: a simple deck building race with salmon, waterfalls, and bears, oh my! (see my game journal)

a game I thought of while working on an unnamed game about Tides which i made up while working on

BESIEGED: ( see my game journal) which I made while working on a modular pirate/trading game which followed

MASTERS OF COMBAT: a limited CCG where players fight each other with famous fictional warriors (walker, texas ranger vs. Rambo vs maximus, etc). Obviously never to be published since I broke a thousand copyrights.

I also have about 3-4 other very preliminary game ideas.

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Miwne wrote:who is working on

Miwne wrote:
who is working on only one game. I have been working on this game for about 6 months now.
I don't see how I could work on that many games at one time so congratulations to you guys! ;-)

I have been working on a game that involves bidding, building and lots of dirty tactics :-)
I worked for years in the computer game industry so working on this for a change is a whole new challenge!

I wonder how you guys keep yourself motivated to work through the whole process of the one game ?

I think at any given time any of us are probably only really working one game. But as a game sits while you think about it, sometimes another idea pops up - maybe you just write it down, or maybe you set your current game aside and prototype this new idea because it's that clear to you how to go about it... stuff like that. Enough new ideas pop up, and you begin to make a list. Over time you get a number of games at different stages of development!

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Joined: 05/10/2009
Where I am into designing process

I'm working in one game that is maybe achieving it's final stage (at least I believe so). Besides that I have two other prototypes, one of them is clearly ended in its design and testing process.

Gemville: Working on it since March 2010. The goal is to dig in mines, and fulfill orders from purchasers who visit the city of Gemville. It's about mine prospection mixed with a singular betting system. Players have to choose well their actions (and their order), before time reaches his end.

Rainbow: The game I believe the most. +- 50 persons have playtested it, and it seems to be replayable and joyfull. Especially my pupils (15-19 years old) believe in this design. The goal is to collect the 7 colors of the rainbow, using the mechanics, and trying to not "open" colours for the others. Memory and some strategy are very usefull for 2 or 3 players. Otherwise, it's a party/family game for 30 minuts.

Battl'lol: It's a game for people who enjoy "games with letters". The goal is to make laugh the jury with thematic sentences. Letters and signs (in both-side tiles), plus a theme diccionary and voting plates. Just for fun and to expresse the political incorrect...

I have many other ideas, but they are not in a stage I can say they are in development (just a Word doc with the main ideas). A few images can be found of the first two in BGG (unpublished prototype).

Joined: 12/22/2010
Trying to Focus

I have 4 games in the final stages of design (heavy playtesting):

Kings of Steam - Medium Economic Train Game with a twist (and playable within 1 hour, with tons of meaningful decisions)

Nations! - A lighter Euro with a lovely take on the Dutch Auction Mechanic.

Loop Inc - A time travel game that kinda has a time travel feel to it. A family Euro.

Darkshamble Island - my baby, a unique co-op.

Then I have 6-7 nebulous projects in different degrees of finalization, but I'm really trying to focus on the four above. My hope is to get the four above ready for publisher submissions by the end of the year. Kings of Steam will be first, then hopefully Darkshamble Island.

My biggest problem at the moment? Balancing Darkshamble Island. Because its a coop, you don't have any player-vs-player balancing happening. In a normal game, the player interaction can balance out a lot of smaller issues, but in a coop, if there is a balancing flaw it stands out and can sometimes be very difficult to fix.

Joined: 01/17/2011

Games that I'm ACTIVELY working on: About 5... Games on the back burner and have been for years? Wayyy too many.

The one I'm working on as this goes up is called The Devils Due, a board game where the players have all sold there souls to the Devil, and are trying to either risk their lives to get it back or use up what life they have left while sacrificing their remaining humanity.

RacNRoll Gaming
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Joined: 05/12/2010

Revisiting my own thread with an Update.

Space Station Omega is complete...playtesting is "done" and the prototype is nearly complete. Our next plan of action is to do some focus group testing of the game to get some additional feedback before heading to production. WOOHOO!!!!

6 Days 7 Nights is heading for playtesting. I really think we hit the nail on the head with this one.

Unusual Suspects.. Our other co-op game is nearing completion. This one has taken the longest to get done basically because we wanted to make sure it wasn't so much like another game out there. It is a very similar premise but the mechanics are a different enough that while the other game will always be mentioned by people giving their reviews/recommendations on it..the game can stand on its own.

Tag - Basic rules and game play are down on paper. Going to start in-house playtesting soon.

Jumper... This is a little further into development than Tag...but does have a few "sticky" spots I am trying to work through.

Everything else is about where it was last time I posted in this thread....which isnt a bad thing :-)

Joined: 09/08/2010

I have 4 games on the table.
"Deadline" is sent as a prototype to a publisher.
"Hunters" is in playable closed beta.
The other 2 has no name yet.

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