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I can't cut into this anymore

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Right, so I decided to go back to miniatures.

A faction design is balanced.
There will be little flat boxes under the miniaturs for damage tracking. Except the 1 health guys.
Damage tracking will be acrilic cubes, comming in 4 colourblind friendly colours.
There will be bigger flat boxes to house the squad. These will be in the player colour. The first games start with just a few, I think 3. Then expansions will expand this.
This way, a squad is easily movable on the board.
No more than 6 dice. Unless the faction has a specialist unit.
The dice come in the same 4 colours as the acrilic cubes.
They are rolled one or two times per attack.

Between factions, certain units can be exchanged. But then the player needs the statistics card of both factions to keep track.
That's right, 1 faction will be placed in a table.
Only 7 stats and 2 attributes, and some room for a special ability.

I just described the contents of the entire game.

No event cards.
Should I add them back in?

And of course, I need to invest in a 3D printer and a suitable 3d design program.

Cheers, X3M

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"bigger flat boxes to house

"bigger flat boxes to house the squad"

I believe "tray" (or "movement tray") is the word used in miniature games for that kind of device?

"a suitable 3d design program"

Blender 3D?

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Is it possible that there is this hexagon shape with room for 7 pieces? Maybe 19?

Perhaps having bigger pieces hold multiple "feet" to fit on the movement tray.

I do need room for damage tracking though.

The centre could have something to show the player if the squad can still be used or is exhausted in that round.

Room around the centre could work for damage tracking too. 2 or 3 pins. You just gave me a good idea.

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Basic faction requirements

2 designs of each are required

Basic infantry
Anti armor infantry
Support infantry (target opposite of the other support)
Anti infantry tank
Basic tank
Support tank
4 defence structures
Walls type 1
Walls type 2

What is equal for both?
Resource managment (reversed cumulative)
Construction Yard

The thing with defences and base structures is. They all should fit in the same HQ region.

Either I allow them into multiple regions and make the HQ a multi tile.
Or I keep it to one. But the player gets a separate HQ mat or something.

I prefer the first.

HQ defences can only attack/defend 3 times.
And units that specializes in removing walls and structures is a very real option now.

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